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Steven S., WDFW Enforcement, WA
Michelle P., Paramedic Training, WA
Donald R., Fairview Fire Department, TX
Tom S., Smith Valley Fire Protection District, Nevada
Duane B., First Responder KS, LLC, KS
Helen M., Washington
Gene C., Belt Ambulance, MT
Anonymous, San Mateo County, CA
Mark D., Coolidge Fire Department, AZ
Bill P., Hilltop Emergency Response Organization, California
David R., Jemez Pueblo EMS, New Mexico
Susan G., Willard Marine Inc, CA
Frank L., St. Joseph's Ambulance Service, California
Raul T., Wilacy County EMS, Texas
Pinetop Fire, Arizona
John M., Higgins Frie District, CA
Christopher C., Whatcom County Fire District 5, Washington
Dale C., Estacada Fire, OR
Karen V., Beale AFB Ambulance Services, CA
Danielle S., California State Parks, CA
L. Miller, Corona Fire Department, California
Tere M., OR
Greg N., Nemo VFD, South Dakota
Lynda, Pechanga Tribal Government, CA
Rena R., California
Vincent S., Burbank Airport Fire, CA
Donald P., Pyramid Lake Fire Rescue, Nevada
Kristen A., Las Cruces Fire Department, NM
Scott C., North Davis Fire District, UT
Julie H., Champion EMS, TX
Michael B., Glenwood Fire and Rescue, IA
Russ M., Procter & Gamble, OH
Bobby P., Hidalgo County EMS, TX
Don N., California
Sean C., Douglas County Fire Dist. #2, Washington
Bobby P., Hidalgo County EMS, TX
Claire T., Honeydew Vol. Fire Co., CA
Steve O., Fort Bragg Fire, CA
Stacy, National Park Service
Daniele R., Snohomish Count FPD#19, WA
Chelsi B., San Benito Office Of Emergency Services, CA
Jamie S., Ellis County EMS, KS
Anonymous, CO
Toby B., Elephant Butte Fire Department, NM
Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA
Gordon P., East Jefferson Fire Rescue, WA
Ken W., TLC Transportation Inc., California
Travis F., Upland Fire Department, CA
LJ H., Tacoma Fire Dept., WA
Shree M., City of Liberty, TX
Donna W., Children's Recovery Center of N. California, California
John H., Santa Paula Fire Department, CA
Brent M., RTW, WA
Gabe B., University of New Mexico-Los Alamos, NM
Amanda, CA
Anonymous, Washington
Tom T., Cal Fire, CA
BC D., Tri Lakes Monument Fire, CO
Shawn B., Riverside County Fire, CA
Sally B., CA
John M., Higgins Fire District, CA
Mark M., Grand County EMS, UT
Michelle P., Paramedic Training, WA
Bill, Placer County Sheriff's Office-Search and Rescue, California
Gretchen S., East Boise County Ambulance, Idaho
Rena H., Olympic Ambulance, WA
Dave, Public Health Solutions/ Dist Health Dept., NE
Lynette S., City Of Stinnett - EMS, TX
Crown King Fire Department, AZ
Ron W., Rosalia Fire & Ambulance, WA
Doug S., Hoquiam Fire Dept., WA
Dorothy J., Hinsdale Ambulance Service, Montana
Tiffany W., Trinity County Life Support, CA
Chris T., Pueblo West Fire Department
Pat V., Anchorage Fire Department, Alaska
Mike V., Running Springs FD, CA
David R., Bay Area Hyperbarics, CA
Brandon, CA
Deirde M., Sherwood Forest Estates Fire District, AZ
Alan L., Team One, LLC, AK
Bryan S., Crook County Fire and Rescue, OR
Belinda S., Alert Medical Training, Inc, California
Lorraine S., ACSD1, WY
Karen P., Portland Comm college Bookstrore, OR
Aaron S., CAL FIRE, CA
George P., Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation, CA
Richard E., Forest Lakes Fire, Guardian Air, AZ
Bonnie M., Dunamis CPR Training, CA
Kevin P., BYU EMS, UT
Michael G., El Campo EMS, Texas
Don N., HVFD, California
Andrew G., Glendale Fire Department, CA
Jessica M K., California State Parks, CA
Vicki E., Donnelly FPD
David S., Government/and Non Government, CA
Tim D., Sacramento Area Sewer District, CA
William W., Ruby Mt. EMS consultants, Nevada
Jessica G., Squaw Valley Fire Department, CA
J B., CAL-CO Fire, CA
Kelly B., Ashland Fire & Rescue, Oregon
Meryl S., CA
Scott M., Glendale Fire, CA
Ron P., Monterey Park Fire Department, CA
Dorothy B., Moorcroft Ambulance, WY
Tracy T., CCFD, TX
Doug B., Bremerton Fire Department, Washington
Ron P., Monterey Park Fire Department, CA
Jim M., Anderson Valley Fire Dept., California
Tom T., South King Fire & Rescue, WA
Shane A., Davis County Sheriff, UT
Susanna H., Hardin Co. ESD #5, TX
Tim L., South Metro Fire Rescue, CO
Chelsea, USFS, California
Phil H., SFQRU, ID
Jeff N., Mescalero Apache Fire Rescue, NM
Loving Volunteer Fire Dept., NM
Robin V., SCFD 26, WA
Leroy J., Glenn County Sheriffs Search & Rescue, California
Jim N., Specialty events and medical training solutions, AZ
Kirk S., CA State Parks - Ocotillo Wells SVRA, California
Thomas F., Lifewatch EMS, Texas
Brandon S., Corpus Christi Fire, TX
Carl G., SKFR, Washington
Pat A., Barstow Fire, CA
Vicki A., Seattle Fire Medic One, WA
David D., Modesto Fire Department, CA
Ebin L., Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, Colorado
Steven C., SPIFD, Texas
Michael G., El Campo EMS, Texas
Justin, Monterey Park, CA
Phil H., SFQRU, ID
Keith B., Lakeshore EMS
Steve Y., California Highway Patrol, CA
Steven D., Foster City Fire Department, CA
Darin B., Sparks Fire Department, NV
Tere M., Eugene Springfield Fire, OR
Kent S., Hutchinson Community College, Kansas
Keith R., Donner Ski Ranch Ski Patrol
Shauna, North Highline Fire District, WA
John M., Orland Volunteer Fire Department, California
Mike R., First Responder EMS-sac, CA
Lu A., Coast Life Support District, CA
Randy A., Woodlawn Fire Dept., TX
Mike, Priority 1 Air Rescue
Suzanne V., CALFIRE, CA
Ken H., Snohomish County Fire District 4, WA
Emma, MEC, MI
Vincent S., Burbank Airport Fire Dept., CA
Emily M., Pueblo West Fire, Colorado
Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA
Dianne N., Monterey Sports Center, CA
Joshua H., Apex Paramedics, CO
Tia A., Camden County Fire Rescue, GA
Malinda B., Orleans Medical Clinic,Karuk Tribe, CA
Tami J., Mercy Medical Center -Redding, CA
Marianne G., Fire Department, New Mexico, NM
Michael K., Renton Fire & Emergency Services, WA
David A., North Gilliam Medic, Oregon
John S., Silver City Rescue/Oak Township Fire and Rescue, IA
Vincent Mike S., Burbank Airport Fire Department
Cindy B., Woodinville Fire & Rescue, WA
Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA
Mike R., Carlsbad Fire Department, New Mexico
Eric C., Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, CA
Tracy T., Corpus Christi, TX
Dennis B., Sunnyside FD, WA
Paul K., HollyFrontier Refining, WY
Dorothy Y L., Self, Home Care, CA
Vickie O., Central Washington University - Paramedic Program, Washington
Karen P., Portland Comm. College Bookstore, OR
Terry G., County Of Los Angeles Fire Dept., California
Leslee, North Whatcom Fire and Rescue, Washington
Woody W., Advanced Life Systems, Inc., Washington
Teresa P., West Pierce Fire & Rescue, WA
Frank H., Happy Camp Ambulance, California
Chris C., LTRID, CA
Richard, RGX Medical, CA
Kathy A., City of Bend Fire & Rescue, OR
Nathaniel H., Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, NV