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Exclusive Offers

Be the first to know about sales, deals, and special offers. We partner with our suppliers to bring you products and services that will save you time and money.

Product Recalls

Stay up to date on medical product recalls and correction notices. We will send you a link to the recalls on products we have distributed along the with affected lot numbers and a convenient pdf download you can use for further review.

Product Shortages

Stay on top of supply chain interruptions or shortages. We will send you an update on typically stocked products on backorder or allocation with extensive lead times and provide you details on recovery and possible alternatives.

Drug Shortages

Drug shortages have been affecting the EMS industry for years. We’ll keep you updated on drugs typically stocked that are in short supply along with details on recovery and possible alternatives.

New Products

Learn about new products for you - the first responder! We will share with you what is new in EMS and provide helpful information and videos on how these products may benefit your agency or organization.