Disaster Support Program

Send us an Email

Sign up for Life-Assist’s Emergency Disaster Support Program by sending an email to [email protected].

Get Access to our 24/7 Disaster Number

Once signed up, a 24-hour emergency number will be provided to use in the event of a disaster. Our emergency number is linked to those who have 24-hour access to our strategically located warehouses.

We use Mobilized Operation Teams

When a disaster occurs, we mobilize operation teams to pull, pack and ship supplies in the most expedient manner. We can also have orders available for pickup at our warehouses.

We Expedite as Quickly as Possible

We will expedite and have orders delivered using whatever means necessary, including helicopter, airplane, UPS Express Critical and private courier services.

We're Constantly Testing and Reviewing

Our disaster support program is tested and reviewed quarterly to ensure preparedness when you need it most.