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As always, the people at Life Assist help me in every way possible. Diana B. has always gone out of her way to find information for me and gotten me samples as quickly as I ask for them. Thanks so much everyone.

Doug S., Thompson Valley EMS, CO

Sales Services at Life-assist has professional employees with beyond excellent customer service.

Joel, CA State Parks, CA

Love the amazing help and service Anne-Marie and her team give us every day!

Robin V., SCFD 26, WA

I will only confess this once so listen up lol. Last week I placed a HUGE order of 10cc syringes BIG deal right ?? What I meant to purchase was 10cc flushes!!! Short panic attack and done !!! Veronica Valdez quickly came to my rescue with contract pricing , fast shipment, an invoice and a return slip for my ooooopsie!!!! Thank you Veronica for taking care of me sooooo quick with the calmest voice ever....I could almost see your smile through the phone :) Life Assist you hire the best people EVER!!!

Tracy T., CCFD, TX

I have had excellent service and delivery of products from Life-Assist. I have recommended them to all my directors in this area.

Michael G., El Campo EMS, Texas

I called to request a copy of an invoice. Sonia assisted me. She was very pleasant and super-fast at forwarding me the information needed. A+++ service!

Tia A., Camden County Fire Rescue, GA

Ordering medical supplies has become the easiest part of my job.

Doug B., Bremerton Fire Department, Washington

Sonia was very helpful and polite. She went above and beyond to help with my issue and was able to solve it in a timely manner! Thank you very much!

Joshua H., Apex Paramedics, CO

Quick and very responsive.

BC D., Tri Lakes Monument Fire, CO

Great service. Great selection. Couldn't be more pleased with Life-Assist.

Gene C., Belt Ambulance, MT

We are a small, rural fire protection district which also provides an intermediate ambulance service to over 2,000 taxpaying citizens. When we need help in supplying our volunteers, Life-Assist, and in particular, our area representative, Ms. Becky Rowe, has been right there for us every single time. One phone call does it all. The short period of time it takes to get anything from Life-Assist is truly amazing considering how long their competition/peers takes. They back up what they sell and do everything they say they do with lightning-like speed and precision. Life-Assist really stands out as a EMS supply provider and has well earned our loyal support in return. They have customer care, support and satisfaction figured out to the highest degree!

Tom S., Smith Valley Fire Protection District, Nevada

Everyone that I have worked with at Life Assist has been very professional and extremely helpful. Diana, our sales person has tried so hard to get us as good equipment there is and at a good value. No problems encountered at any level.

Doug S., Thompson Valley EMS, CO

Great customer service. Danielle Delatorre was right there for everything I needed and very pleasant to work with. She gets an A-Plus !

Candace K., Cal Fire, CA

Courtney Kemp helped me with everything on my order. I didn't even have my account # and she found it and looked up the item #'s for me and emailed me an invoice to approve before ordering. She spent a lot of time with me and was very patient and knowledgeable. She is great!! Thanks very much Courtney!!

Kim M., Lincoln Fire & Rescue, NE

Your customer service is second to none. Ordering is easy and orders show up quickly. I was wondering if you could get a zoll contract so I could get all my stuff at one place? Thanks Sean

Sean C., Douglas County Fire Dist. #2, Washington

The quick turn-around time on a request for copies of invoices was impressive and very much appreciated. Thank you Sonia Khademi

Suzanne V., CALFIRE, CA

As a former Medical Supply Coordinator for a medium sized fire department, I found Life Assist to be the single best supplier that we used. Life Assist was able to supply about 90 percent of the equipment that we used. I always received great service, especially from Laurie Doerr. She was a great help whenever our department was implementing procedures that were new in our area, ensuring that we were up and running with the necessary equipment such as C-PAP products or updated MCI bags. She was always available and would return calls promptly after doing research on our behalf. I can't say enough about her and the company. I've since retired but my former department still uses Life Assist.

L. Miller, Corona Fire Department, California

Sarah was able to have a medication that we were out of shipped next day to us! Great customer service!

Ron P., Monterey Park Fire Department, CA

Just wanted to thank TJ for his help and quick response to my request. He was very helpful and professional.

Justin, Monterey Park, CA

A KUDOS to Sonia Khademi. She has been absolutely amazing to work with...always amiable, professional and truly, an asset to your company!

Anonymous, Crown King Fire Department, AZ

Lauren was extremely helpful and had a great attitude.

Mark M., Grand County EMS, UT

Sonia Khademi in Customer Service is by far the best CSR that I have ever delt with. She goes above and beyond every month when I place an order. When I need an answer on a shipment, product or anything she comes throught every time. I wish more companies had people like her.

Paul M., Caesars Palace, NV

Lauren Gray was very polite and helpful. She did wow me.

Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA

I have recently moved to using Life-Assist from another “well known” supplier and have not had a problem with them. My sales rep – Jennifer Bergaus – goes out of her way to get me the supplies I need. My shipments are fast, and if I do need something they do not carry they go out of their way to find me the equipment or supplies I need. If I do have a problem with a shipment, which is rare, it is resolved within 24 hours. Moving to them has saved me money, caused less down time waiting for shipments and has saved me many MANY headaches.

Thomas F., Lifewatch EMS, Texas

Courtney was a great help this morning. I was having a hard time locating a purchasing invoice from last week. I called Life Assist for help. Courtney was able to retrieve and send a copy of the needed invoice to my email quickly. This employee was very courteous and professional. Thank you Courtney for your help!

Randy T., Sun City Fire & Medical Dept, AZ

I ordered and received the wrong product. I figured it would be a big hassle to return and receive the correct item. I sent an email and the next day I received 2 emails, one with a return slip and the other with a tracking number for the correct item. It could not have been easier and more prompt! I was assisted by Lauren Gray. Thank you Lauren!

Aaron S., CAL FIRE, CA

Holly B (and everyone) at Life-Assist has been great to deal with. Friendly, easy to work with, and fantastic customer service. Keep up the great job!

Jerry M., Deer-Grove EMS, WI

We recently had a tragedy strike our department. Our MSO suffered a stroke while on duty and the many duties he conducted were taken on by multiple personnel in an emergent fashion. I took over the drug and medical supply ordering among other things. ALL the personnel I have dealt with at LifeAssist have gone above and beyond to make sure our transition was seamless, allowing us to focus on caring for our member and his family and worrying very little about whether or not we would be able to continue getting the correct supplies. The Smart Supply List has been invaluable, though the general product search is equally helpful for anything that hasn't been ordered in over a year or if we desire to try a different product. I have also had need of a few items not found in the pages of online or hardcopy catalogs and more often than not LifeAssist has been able to source them for me. When they couldn't, they gladly directed me to a company that could, including contact info. Thank You!

Doug S., Hoquiam Fire Dept., WA

Today I felt as though my ship was sinking because I made a terrible error with an order. Veronica stepped in and my ship stayed afloat! Many thanks for the professional care and assistance when in dire need! You just don't find customer service like this anymore...a true rarity! Thanks Veronica, you ROCK!

Carolyn Y., Skamania County Fire District 6, WA

Danielle Delatorre has outstanding customer service!! No matter what the issue, she drops what she is doing and helps however she can. Life Assist will continue to be my go to for my medical supply needs!!

B. Hallam, CHP, CA

Life-Assist has consistently been the "can do" company with employees who go the extra yard to get the job done. We are very pleased with prompt shipping and great prices.

Gretchen S., East Boise County Ambulance, Idaho

Laren Gray was very helpful and did everything to assist me. Unfortunately, the product I ordered was not not the one I wanted. But she did everything to help me to get an adjustment for my order. I really appreciated her helpfulness and kind manner.


You all go above and beyond to provide the very best customer service. Products have always been outstanding. Thank you for being there for us in the feild!!!!!

Keith B., Lakeshore EMS

Brett Archer has been a great help for us. His customer service is Top Notch. We truly appreciate his professionalism and promptness at helping us out. Thank you again Life Assist for everything and Thank you Brett Archer for all your help.

Bobby P., Hidalgo County EMS, TX

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Lauren Gray for her help with an order. I placed my order around 2pm on Oct 9 and received my order at 10 am on Oct. 10. I did not request a "rush" or special handling, it just arrived within 20 hours. Lauren was pleasant and very helpful in the ordering process as this was my first time placing an order. Please pass along my compliments and thanks for great customer service. Donna

Donna W., Children's Recovery Center of N. California, California

Life-assist has been fantastic, I used to use another large EMS vendor but we are a small all volunteer fire and ambulance service and we were receiving products that were continuously hitting there expiration date in usually 2 or 3 months. Anne-Marie is by far the best rep I have dealt with. If you have any question or problems she is always getting things handled or gives you the information needed in a very short time. This is always my company of choice and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Ron W., Rosalia Fire & Ambulance, WA

Great customer service every time I contact them. One of my favorite companies to work with.

Arika C., Harrisonburg Rescue Squad, VA

As the purchasing agent for ABC Ambulance, your entire staff has been outstanding to work with. This is the reason I contacted you for my personal business and not [one of your competitors]. Saving money is important but how you serve others is more important to me. Keep up the good work.

Jim N., Specialty events and medical training solutions, AZ

I requested an invoice via email at 2:49 and received that invoice from Stacy at 2:53. That's a major WOW! Thanks Stacy for being so quick.

Cindy B., Woodinville Fire & Rescue, WA

Kortnie was very friendly and took care of my problem within minutes. Very easy to return item and she resolved my problem in less than 5 minutes. Thank you.

Doug S., Thompson Valley EMS, CO

Sonia is awesome, end of story.

Jessica M K., California State Parks, CA

Great customer service, easy to work with. Thank you.

Susan G., Willard Marine Inc, CA

I wanted to thank you for the great customer service, product selection, pricing and fast shipping that you provide. As an EMT and Life-Assist customer for over eight years, I have always received the best possible service. On several occasions I've called your customer service reps to look for a particular item and they have been courteous, professional and timely. Your quick shipping (often shipping within 24 hrs) is essential for our public safety needs. Thank you.

Kirk S., CA State Parks - Ocotillo Wells SVRA, California

Your company is very easy to work with, online ordering is simple, delivery is quick, and the packing of items is orderly. Thanks for helping us help our public.

Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA

Brett Archer you finally have been replaced!!!! lol kidding..this is my way of sending you guys - LIFE ASSIST - a huge warm fuzzy on the hiring of Vanessa. She’s awesome! She’s Motivated and has helped me tremendously in this short period of time. You guys definitely "nailed it". Have a fantabulous day!

Tracy T., CCFD, TX

Lauran notified me of an issue that would have affected how we order our supplies and ultimately affect our patients/customers. With Lauran’s info we will be able to provide the info needed so we have no problems with our future orders. Thank you Lauran for the notice and we will correct the info ASAP.

Scott C., North Davis Fire District, UT

I appreciated the reply email when I said thank you. You don't see that a lot these days.

Nathaniel H., Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, NV

I would like to say thank you to Nicole for going above and beyond in providing customer service. Keep up the great work!

Christopher C., Whatcom County Fire District 5, Washington

I requested a duplicate sales receipt and TJ Prasad the customer rep., was out of sight! He was nice, professional and sent the receipt in record time. We all need great employees like this.

Marianne G., Fire Department, New Mexico, NM

Excellent customer service like I used to get - Thank You Vanessa Duenas!

Raul T., Willacy County EMS, TX

Once I determined the product Danielle and Diana had it on our doorstep in 2 days, great job!

John S., Silver City Rescue/Oak Township Fire and Rescue, IA

As the developer of an advanced Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)training program, I often find the need to order new training equipment on short notice. Life-Assist has found creative ways to get me the equipment I need when I need it. Their Customer Service is the best in their industry and their prices are competitive. What more can you ask for? They are a joy to work with. Thanks Debbie, Chris, Sylvia and the rest of the Team at Life-Assist.

Bill P., Hilltop Emergency Response Organization, California

Kortnie is an excellent customer service representative who is a model of what great service is!!! Thank you for all that you do.

Pete D., East Bay Regional Park District, CA

I contacted Life Assist because I had several questions related to billing. Customer service rep Sonia responded within minutes, and had answers for all my questions. Not only were all my questions answered, but Sonia was able to provided me with all the documentation promptly. Great service!

Andrew W., Geyserville Fire Protection District, CA

Great customer service! All of our orders are promptly filled and ready for delivery within the same day. Customer service representatives are always cheerful and eager to help with orders and questions.

Bill, Placer County Sheriff's Office-Search and Rescue, California

Pete and Danielle saved me. Very responsive, can't ask for better customer service!

Karen P., Portland Comm college Bookstrore, OR

I was "WOW"ed today. Awesome customer service by Lauren Gray :)

Tracy T., CCFD, TX

Courtney Kemp has always gone above and beyond when I speak with her, she truly sounds happy and caring on the phone. She recently emailed me to confirm some information others would normally take for granted. She truly embodies and continues the legacy of Excellent Customer service established years ago when Chelsea Camp reached out to us and re-established our partnership after a hiatus. Since then everyone I have spoken to has never failed to "wow" us.

Joseph C., Superior Ambulance Service, Inc., NM

I would like to give a big thanks to all the support staff! No one ever questions why I'm looking for something, they just go on a hunting trip! Sometimes it's a successful trip and sometimes it's not! I just really appreciate the wonderful care! THANK YOU ALL! :)

Tere M., OR

Sara Kimble has been great assisting me with the order process. We recently switched our distributor and have been greatly impressed with Life Assist's professionalism and great prices!

Mike R., First Responder EMS-sac, CA

Chelsea Camp is the most patient and helpful person in the sales world. When ever I've had questions, she has the answers or she gets the answer if she didn't know. I would recommend life assist to all in the EMS field, or any field for medical products.

Dawn D., Clay County EMS, KS

Corey Farrar and Danielle Delatorre did a fantastic job of providing a prompt and attentive service to our department. I greatly appreciated the ease of placing and filling my order and the professionalism of Life-Assist. Thank you for all you do!

Wayne G., City of Calimesa Fire Department, CA

I have been doing business with Life Assist for more than 10 years. They have been rock steady on their service. The bench mark of a great company is a high level of service and low turnover of employees. Not only do they meet my needs but I am always greeted with a smile and a friendly atmosphere. Thank you Life Assist staff for all your hard work and service over the years, you guys are top notch. Respectfully, Ken Whipple VP TLC Transportation Inc.

Ken W., TLC Transportation Inc., California

Lauren provided exceptional service. She kept us updated on our shipment and verified our paper work to ensure there was no issues that would delay shipping. Thank you for going above and beyond your duty!

Mike V., Running Springs FD, CA

Lauren was a great help in finding what I was looking for. Also Sheri and all of the other staff have been excellent to work with.


Your customer service people are hands down the best of any company I have dealt with. Danielle Delatorre is always very pleasant, professional, and always has or finds a solution to my questions. Thanks for everything!

LJ H., Tacoma Fire Dept., WA

Yes I was wowed

Roger, Muskogee County EMS, OK

I want to take this time to thank you all for the wonder products that you all have provided and I want to thank Brett Archer in his continued service with us. His customer service and timely manner is why we will continue with your company.

Bobby P., Hidalgo County EMS, TX

A very helpful and professional Sonia Khademi and very quick response for my request.

Anonymous, San Mateo County, CA

I have ordered from your company for many years. I have always had fair and competitive quotes, fast shipping and excellent customer service. If there ever is a problem with the order, it is corrected that day and a new item is shipped immediately.

Mark D., Coolidge Fire Department, AZ

I didn't receive a part of my shipment from a July order. Life-Assist promptly filled the remaining items and sent them to our department at no additional charge. Customer service has never been an issue with your company. We will continue to do business with your company because of the quality products and prompt service.

Mark D., Coolidge Fire Department, AZ

Thank you Merry Burrrell for helping me out in my mistake of ordering the wrong item and correcting the problem efficiently and professionally. You made me very confident in your company and will refer Life-Assist to others. Thank you

Vincent S., Burbank Airport Fire, CA

We are starting our EMT advanced program and needed Items that required prescription item ordering authorization. I called and spoke with Ann one of your customer care specialist and she walked me thru the procedure. Once I submitted the paperwork required she was super fast at processing it. We have purchased from you for years because you have a great staff and orders are processed and delivered quick and efficient. Thank you to you and your staff for a job well done.... John T. @ Little Lake Fire District, California..

John T., Little Lake Fire Protection Distric, CA

Danielle is excellent. Very easy to work with. I appreciate her very much. Thank you!

Lynda, Pechanga Tribal Government, CA

Danielle provided fast, efficient, friendly and smart assistance with my request for an RA and then took my order immediately for a replacement product. (I had ordered the wrong item). She is one of the best customer service people I have ever worked with. She was able to solve everything so well, so quickly. Terrific asset.

Meryl S., CA

Very easy to navigate and the best prices found yet!!

Jamie S., Ellis County EMS, KS

Sales Rep. Becky Rowe Subject: Sale of H sized Oxygen Tanks, Turns out most agencies lease those tanks and Becky pointed that out instead of just making a sale. Thank you for your honesty on this it would have been easy for you to just make the sale. However your honesty in this simple matter has earned you my highest respect, you are a credit to your company and Life Assit should be proud to have you as a sales rep. your dedication to your customers means more to me than anything else. You have earned a faithful customer with me, and I would gladly recommend you and Life Assit to all of my colleagues. Keep up the great work and I look forward to long business relationship with you and Life Assist for years to come. Thanks again Don Pelt Emergency Response Coordinator Pyramid Lake Fire Rescue 775-560-4417

Donald P., Pyramid Lake Fire Rescue, Nevada

We are a small department with a limited budget. Life Assist has always provided excellent service with great products at a affordable price. THANK YOU!

Greg N., Nemo VFD, South Dakota

Lauren Gray is always very helpful.

Lu A., Coast Life Support District, CA

Our department while small in size, has always been treated as if we are the only customer that Life Assist provides EMS supplies for. The staff members (Becky, Hanna and others)have made us feel as if any and every question we ask is the most important question they have ever been asked. The care, concern, and professional attitude the entire organization has presented over the years has made our jobs easier, in the station and in the field. We have always been greeted with the attitude of want and how can we help you. In general I would have to say that working with the Life Assist staff is like working with ones own family. Trying beyond question or doubt to provide the greatest amount of help, information, and equipment for the very best price. Even when our questions have not generated an order Life Assist staff have always gone over the top to provide us with any and all the help we could have asked for.

Don N., HVFD, California

I received the catalog and ordered some medical equipment, had a bit of trouble with my credit card, was working with Gwen, she is awesome. We worked it all out, very impressed with all you people do, when it comes to medical and field work we have to respond asap, and with the service Life-Assist offers, we can keep our command and medical unit stocked up, so we can be ready for what life throws at us, thank you so much.

Leroy J., Glenn County Sheriffs Search & Rescue, California

Courtney is a very helpful customer service representative. In fact, everyone that I come in contact with at Life Assist is extremely helpful and efficient. Thank you. It is a pleasure to work with you all.

Jina, Graham Fire and Rescue, WA

Life-Assist is amazing! Moving our medical supply account to them is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The customer service that Lauren Gray provides is second to none. I would never know that I am dealing with a company that is completely on the other side of the country. Her commitment to amazing customer service has remained just as strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Placing an easy online order and getting an email that it has shipped within hours is great. Lauren and Life-Assist keep up the good work. Honesty and Integrity is hard to find. If you are in need of medical supplies this is the place to go.

Courtlan M., Georgia Medport EMS, GA

LAUREN GRAY AND CHAD MARSH. Awesome customer service and timely response to our questions about needs and inventory. This was one of the fastest and timely response I have gotten and the attention to detail with multiple options to meet your needs was exceptional. These two deserve a big hand and a thank you for such amazing customer service. Job well done.

Bryan S., Crook County Fire and Rescue, OR

Greg Holliday is absolutely the best sales rep! He is always available to help out or answer my countless questions. Absolutely amazing customer service by everyone I talk to, especially Greg!

Eliz D., Miami County EMS , KS

Gwen did a great job getting my order taken care of and followed up when I needed to return some items.

Brent M., RTW, WA

Thank you to Customer Service Rep Ashley for her assistance in creating our account and getting our items shipped! A+ Service!

Corey S., Kennedy Volunteer Fire Department, NY

Lauren is fast, efficient and very helpful with finding the products that we are searching for, which is greatly appreciated!

Michelle P., Paramedic Training, WA

Life Assist is great! I always get what I order in a very timely manner. I am always treated very nice when I call in an order. Life Assist is very good at what they do. Thanks for the great service

Frank H., Happy Camp Ambulance, California

Courtney is a great example of customer service. She caught that I had ordered the same item twice thus saved me from myself. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!

Ron J., Fort McDermitt Tribe EMS Rescue, NV

Since I started working with Life Assist approximately six months ago I cannot say enough about the customer service. They have exceeded my expectations and are a true examples of professionalism. Thank you to Chelsea Camp, Danielle Delatorre, and the rest of the Life Assist team for always going above and beyond to help me.

Toby B., Elephant Butte Fire Department, NM

I am extremally satisfied with Life Assist and what they've done for the L.A. County Fire Dept (EMS Div) by way of quoting and timely deliveries. Cherise Akers, Chris Nelson & Sylvia Mattison have been the best when I have needed quotes. My hat is off to your company. Wishing you continued success..

Terry G., County Of Los Angeles Fire Dept., California

We ordered an incorrect item, and requested a return authorization form...typed out the email request for it, and almost before I could turn around, Sara Kimble had emailed me back with the form attached. Thanks so much for the prompt service!

Claire T., Honeydew Vol. Fire Co., CA

Ashley Box was amazing and extremely helpful. Ashley has answered my calls before and each time is professional and fast. Please extend a big thank you from all of us at California State Parks, Law Enforcement section. Thank you, Joel Dinnauer CA State Parks Training Sergeant

Joel D., CA State Parks, CA

My department was in a bind trying to locate an item that I was told was no longer available. I had called 3 other vendors and no luck. I called Life Assist and was connected to a sales rep named Chelsea. I told her about the difficulty I was having trying to locate the Child Size Flow safe II CPAP as I was previously told that it was no longer available. She knew exactly the item I was referring to and after asking me a few more questions regarding this item, was able to find the info necessary to not only get the item for me, but also at a great price. She then helped me complete my order on the phone and emailed a copy of the invoice to me. All the while making me feel that she was happy to help. I can say with all honesty, I can't remember the last time I have had a sales person from any EMS Supply company competently and professionally handle my call the way she did. She is the reason I am leaving this feedback. Next time I call Life Assist, I hoping she is my sale person . Thank you for the great customer service Chelsea!

R. Tirman, SCFMD AZ, Sun City Fire & Medical Dept, AZ

I called and spoke with a Merry - she is so polite. Even though I dialed the wrong number, she directed me to the right place to call. I wish more customer service agencies should be like this. Thank you Merry for your wonderful assistance. I will definitely refer Life-assist to others.

Sally B., CA

Lauren was professional and friendly on the phone. She emailed our revised quote just minutes after our conversation. Excellent customer service! Thank you, Gabe

Gabe B., University of New Mexico-Los Alamos, NM

Vanessa needs a raise (but not a promotion because then I’ll lose her) She’s always there at the drop of a hat and realize we’re not her biggest account. If I could use life assist for ALL and every single supply I most definitely would. And thank you for your online sight for being so user friendly. Thank you Vanessa and all behind the scenes with Life Assist !!! You guys ROCK!

Tracy T., CCFD, TX

Ordering through Life Assist is quick and easy. Their web site makes ordering and re ordering a streamline process. Their customer service is friendly and helpful. Orders arrive on a timely basis.

Vickie O., Central Washington University - Paramedic Program, Washington

Your lead customer service rep, Lauren Gray, was unbelievably patient and informative. I had an endless stream of questions via email answered quickly. She sometimes included screen shots as she intuitively understood my need for visuals! Amazing...Thank you Lauren, thank you Life Assist.

Brandon S., Corpus Christi Fire, TX

Thank you Sara Kimble! Very Professional and very competent in her job and executes rapidly! :) Well spoken and very informative as well. It makes me feel confident in your company when you have employees like her. Thank you Thank you.

Vincent S., Burbank Airport Fire Dept., CA

Chelsea Camp was awesome in helping me get what I needed!! Quick responses and service!!!

Richard E., CCFR, GA

Very quick and efficient. I had an issue that was immediately rectified. Thank you again!

Michael R., El Dorado County Fire Protection District, CA

Danielle was very professional and very quick with answering my question and helping me out with my order for Burbank Airport Fire Dept. Great employee. :) This is what makes a company a great company! People like her!

Vincent Mike S., Burbank Airport Fire Department

The response vests and response bags we ordered are better quality than I expected and Gwen's personal help insured that our needs were exceeded.

Dave, Public Health Solutions/ Dist Health Dept., NE

EXCEPTIONAL service on all levels. Plain and simple.

Anonymous, Washington

Great service.

Dorothy B., Moorcroft Ambulance, WY

Always a quick response, very friendly and helpful on the phone and I receive my order incredibly fast.

David D., Modesto Fire Department, CA

Outstanding Customer Service!

Daniel V., Madera County Fire Department/ CAL FIRE, CA

Lauren was extremely helpful in locating a product for me, stepping into the warehouse to find out more product information, and then sending a quote for the purchase. She was vey courteous, friendly and professional...thank you

Kathy A., City of Bend Fire & Rescue, OR

I love doing business with Life Assist. Always friendly staff and fast service.

Belinda S., Alert Medical Training, Inc, California

Lauren Gray assisted me this morning, and she was absolutely wonderful and took her time with me! She was professional, kind, and respectful. She was willing to go above and beyond to help our billing process be more convenient for our department.

Tonia H., City of Pueblo Fire Department

Dealing with Sonia in the California office has been a very pleasant experience. I had an issue with an order that had not arrived when I expected it and when I inquired about it, Sonia researched and found that the order had been backordered from the factory. She found when it was sent via Fed-Ex and determined when it would arrive in her location and advised me when I could expect it to arrive. Others might just have told me it was on backorder, but I feel she went the extra mile and tracked the purchase step and step for a full explanation. I felt this is the ultimate customer service. Thanks for always being willing to help the customer.

Tom T., South King Fire & Rescue, WA

Gwen and Lauren were both great today! They came through when I needed a shipment rescheduled from the trucking company.

Anonymous, CO

As always your staff is extremely great to work with and are very helpful to show me how to be able to order small quantities of some of the items... it is always fun and a pleasure to work with your staff !!! they are very knowledgeable and know your products so well...

Keith R., Donner Ski Ranch Ski Patrol

Thank you for the delivery information. I thought it would take a couple of days to receive my order, but you made it next day. Really appreciate that, we were running low.

Susan M., Orange County Fire Authority, CA

I received everything on time and in great shape. I would recommend Life Assist to anyone.

George P., Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation, CA

This company is awesome. Orders fill fast. Service most excellent. Malinda

Malinda B., Orleans Medical Clinic,Karuk Tribe, CA

Lauren Gray is the bomb. She has helped me immensely navigate the process as well as keep from the cliff when working with the new website. Great employee. She exemplifies customer service. Thank you.

Ken H., Snohomish County Fire District 4, WA

Customer service at its finest!! Jennifer B and the staff have always been EXTREMELY helpful and available to answer any questions, and assist with finding what fits our needs best. Not theirs. Always feel like a priority, not like a number. Supply options are endless, from the newest products, to the tried and true items we all use everyday. Thank you guys for making the task of ordering and maintaining a stocked station far less tedious!! Three thumbs up!!

Steven C., SPIFD, Texas

Thank you to Courtney K. who - once again - responded to my request almost immediately, delivering exactly what I needed! She takes customer service to a whole nother level!

Debra, Johnson County Community College, KS

I have been ordering from Life-Assist for over 15 years and have always had timely deliveries. If I have had a problem with any items, it has been taken care of quickly. The online ordering process is easy and I appreciate not having to spend a lot of time placing orders. Thank you for your efficient and professional service!

Dianne N., Monterey Sports Center, CA

Thank you Life Assist for your splendid customer service!!!! Your Montana rep Jennifer is the best!!! very helpful and kind! She goes above and beyond to find the products our service needs! Thank you so much! I have advised other services to use your service! Thank you from The Hinsdale Ambulance crew from Hinsdale,Montana!!!

Dorothy J., Hinsdale Ambulance Service, Montana

Super efficient and helpful!

Teresa P., West Pierce Fire & Rescue, WA

The people at Life Assist are like one big family and this is why I have been doing business with them for twenty years. I have never been disappointed when dealing with any of the employees on the phone or when walking in and placing an order over the counter when in the area.

David S., , CA

Since hurricane Harvey, Life Assist have gone above and beyond to help our community. Thank you so much for making this chaotic time easier Lauren Grey and Adam Burke! You guys are almost as awesome as Brett Archer lol ! Tracy Tezcucano EMS supply coordin CCFD

Tracy T., Corpus Christi, TX

Happy Thanksgiving - thank you for all you do for our company. Without supplies how can we survive? You will always be needed. MUCH APPRECIATED :)

Alicia J, Allegiance, TX

I have been using Life-Assist for almost seven years now and have been very happy with the level of customer service and professionalism. I have always received quick and helpful responses to my questions and problems. I cant say enough about Pete Tracy and the service he provides. I look forward to many more years of successful business. Thank you, DKA

David A., North Gilliam Medic, Oregon

Great customer service! Quick response and went out of the way to make us satisfied! Thanks Lauren!

Chris C., LTRID, CA

Life Assist is the BEST!!!! It is SO lovely to actually work with a company who provides real customer service. They are all a joy to work with, from our rep Diana to the girls in the office like Nicole and Gwen and Hanna. They are always quick to get the answers to my questions and help me with quotes and orders. I feel valued and taken care of like a VIP :) Their website is the BEST! Simple and easy to use...makes my life so much easier. . Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Emily M., Pueblo West Fire, Colorado

Ashley was really helpful in finding a hard-to-locate item for me. She was great!

Jay W., CA

A portion of our order wasnt delivered, so I called and emailed a list of the items that were missing to customer service. In less than 24 hours they responded back to me saying they are sending the missing items free of charge. Great company with great customer service.

Delano Ambulance, California, CA

Thanks for the follow up E-mail in researching a product need. Life Assist is very helpful and I always feel taken care of when asking a question. Great Job!!

Todd B., North Big Horn Hospital, WY

Our ems director has been very pleased with Life-Assist for product and service. We have moved 99% of our supply needs to Life-Assist. Yesterday was my first contact and I am very impressed as well. Stacy Werder assisted me with a missing invoice issue more promptly than any other vendor with which the city does business. Makes my job easier! Thank you for your excellence standard!

Lynette S., City Of Stinnett - EMS, TX

Chelsea Mills has been a wonderful help. She has answered my questions in a timely fashion. She has gone out of her way to help me on more than one occasion. She has been helpful while not being overbearing. Having her in your organization is an asset to both your company and the customers she serves. My quotes come same day. The web interface is easy to use. The people in the office always seem upbeat and willing to help. Kudos to your organization.

Mike R., Carlsbad Fire Department, New Mexico

Excellent Customer Service

Frank L., St. Joseph's Ambulance Service, California

Thanks to Ashley who did an excellent job we can continue to fly our patients without a hitch!

Joe, Montana Medical transport, MT

Courtney never ceases to amaze me. We are in a very rural, remote, area of the Nevada-Oregon-Idaho border and our ordered supplies get here so quickly. Great customer service and a good company to do business with.

Ron J., Fort McDermitt Tribe EMS Rescue, NV

Thanks Lauren - you have been a great help since we started this ordering process!!!!

Pat A., Barstow Fire, CA

Danielle was extremely responsive, fast, and friendly in my request and did a great job! Thank you!

Shauna, North Highline Fire District, WA

Quickly answered and was able to help me with a return, as well as find the proper replacement item.

Colton, South Lane Fire and Rescue, OR

I love Life Assist! Ordering on line is so easy…especially when a fire department does not have regular 9-5 hours! I am able to order on weekends and delivery is always fast. The sales representatives and customer service representatives are always helpful…..especially when looking for new products or when I make errors on my order:-) Lauren Gray is one person who has been helpful however there is not one person at life Assist who has not been helpful!!! Thanks for the products and service Life Assist!

Leslee, North Whatcom Fire and Rescue, Washington

Life-Assist has always met all of my medical ordering needs. I receive my orders very quickly and it's always been a hassle free purchasing/charging experience. I will continue to use Life-Assist as my medical equipment supplier.

Stacy, National Park Service

Thank you for fixing my order! We appreciate your fast response. Yes we do recommend you to others.

Vicki E., Donnelly FPD

Courtney and the others I dealt with in placing our order for Emergency Medical Responder course supplies were great examples of how customer service should be!!

Anonymous, Fort McDermitt Tribe EMS Rescue, NV

Life-Assist and Chelsea Mills continue to provide excellent support for our often immediate needs. Whether we need an off the shelf item or have an off the wall request, they have always provided fast and friendly service. When providing medical care to patients in need, timing is everything. I can say that we have always received what we needed, when we needed it from Life-Assist. I thank the entire team at Life-Assist for going above and beyond with their support, and assisting us in serving our customers to the best of our ability.

Mike, Priority 1 Air Rescue

Pete & Debbie, Thank you both for making my ordering easier. I wish other distributors were as accommodating. Thank you!

Pat V., Anchorage Fire Department, Alaska

The employees at Life Assist are always extremely helpful, quick and pleasant to deal with! We have always enjoyed the great customer service and the easy to use website. Thank you to all the staff for your continued support and kindness!

Travis F., Upland Fire Department, CA

Sonia Khademi is the best. Always willing to help.

Paul M., Caesars Palace, NV

I have been involved with equipment acquisition for about 10 years with various agencies from local, regional, state and organizations whose footprint is worldwide in terms of response locations. Many of the big suppliers lead you to believe you are getting great pricing and in instances you are, but the fine print, restocking, delay in responses and inability to help locate what is mission needed hinders their ability to see the big picture. I stumbled upon Life-Assist a few years ago after looking for an immediate and long term solution and started working with Chelsea immediately. Her professionalism, service before self, attention to detail, ability to respond quickly, and adaptability to industry changes make her second to none. Life-Assist will always be our go to for anything mission related.

Richard E., Forest Lakes Fire, Guardian Air, AZ

FAST response, other folks must wonder why you guys are so good. It is evident I say. Love the follow-up and follow-through.

Tim D., Sacramento Area Sewer District, CA

Ordering supplies on line is very easy and you can print out your past history with ease. The customer rep Monyca Casas is just plain awesome she is always available and very prompt in answering any concerns you might have and is always checking to make sure your order has arrived without any problems. I would rate them an A plus company to order from!!!

Raul T., Wilacy County EMS, Texas

As always, your staff is awesome to work with. They have always been willing to go the extra mile for me and then thank me for the experience.

Michael K., Renton Fire & Emergency Services, WA

Best customer service you could ask! Every time I call there is a friendly helpful voice on the other end of the phone. Never any issues with ordering, or returns. The staff always tries to make the customer happy! Thank you for your FANTASTIC service! There are MANY companies that could learn from the way Life-Assist treats their customers!

David R., Jemez Pueblo EMS, New Mexico

Life Assist has always come through, even on last minute rush-orders for both our EMT's as well as our CPR Training department. Lauren Gray is amazing, as is the whole team there. Lauren provides the quickest quotes, is very reliable and we have never had an issue with errors. All it takes for me is one email to Lauren and she jumps into action. Shipping is very fast and if you need to send something back for any reason, it is a seamless process. Thankful to Lauren, she has made this part of my job extremely easy. I highly, highly recommend this company!

Diane A. , Biola University, CA

Thank you, Veronica for going above and beyond in finding out information for us! We really appreciate all of Life Assist's help!

Sheila M., Renton RFA, WA

Life-Assist is the best! Great product selection and superior customer service ranks them #1 in my book!

Jim M., Anderson Valley Fire Dept., California

I just want to say that it is always a pleasure doing business with Life Assist. The people there are so pleasant and knowledgeable and my orders are always correct and quick to be filled.

Rena R., California

Ashley Box was the Customer Service Representative who took my EMS supply order today. I have always have good experiences working with the Life Assist Customer Service Reps, but Ashley went above and beyond to get me additional information needed to complete my order. She promptly emailed me with the requested information and was extremely friendly in the process! Thanks again, Ashley!

Tighe V., Gladstone Fire Department, OR

You folks are my new best friends. I have NEVER received a professional response that is as good as you folks. Orders are processed super fast, and always correct. Also, your reps are always friendly when I call. You WILL continue to receive our business. Thank you...Curt Orde, Ambulance Director.

Curt O., Centennial Valley Vol. FD/EMS, WY

Ashley researched an issue for me and was able to produce paperwork in minutes.

Kathleen V., PHI Air Medical, AZ

Courtney Kemp Is out standing. She is there when we need something. She does her job and take care of the customer. She knows what customer service is. Keep up the good work.

Paul, Caesars Palace, NV

Lauren Grey and the team were incredibly helpful in placing the order, ordering from their partner companies, and the shipping process. We received everything quickly! Will be using you guys in the future!

Chelsea, USFS, California

You always wow me, from time the phone is answered to the time I receive my order. This is a customer that orders for three or more groups and will continue to do so because of the treatment that I receive. You "always meet this customers expectations".

David S., Government/and Non Government, CA

Danielle was efficient and knowledgeable.

Randy A., Woodlawn Fire Dept., TX

I was definitely wowed!

Andrew G., Glendale Fire Department, CA

Danielle in customer service is very fast and helpful! She's a keeper! Thanks for being awesome.

Jessica G., Squaw Valley Fire Department, CA

Lauren, Thanks for all your help getting the narcs setup. Tim

Tim L., South Metro Fire Rescue, CO

Brett Archer is absolutely amazing! He replies back in minutes and has ALWAYS found what I am looking for...even hard to find items! Impressive Customer Service!

Julie H., Champion EMS, TX

Lauren, thank you for the notice on the drug delivery. You do "WOW" me with your professionalism and your desire to assist me any time I call you. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Susanna H., Hardin Co. ESD #5, TX

Life-Assist is simply the best for one reason and one reason only, their people. The staff at Life-Assist consistently demonstrates their dedication and desire to stop at nothing when it comes to satisfying my medical equipment needs. I have done business with Life-Assist as a member of multiple agencies and always enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing I can rely on them when it really matters. Thank you for all that you do, Ebin Latrimurti - Paramedic/Founder - Event Medical Solutions Unlimited

Ebin L., Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, Colorado

Lauren was awesome -- I called and she responded quickly to both my questions over the phone and by email in digging up some old invoice details. Give her a high-five from me! Totally grateful.

Amanda, CA

Debbie, Pete and everyone I have worked with at Life-Assist has been great. I wish all the companies I worked with were as responsive, efficient and professional as the people I work with at Life Assist. Thank you!

Karen P., Portland Comm. College Bookstore, OR

Gwen Wegemer was wonderful in helping me locate a product I didn't think I could find. She went above and beyond to help me; is delightful to deal with and made a difficult task VERY easy. Thank you

Tami J., Mercy Medical Center -Redding, CA

Kortnie and Joy are fast to respond and eager to help. Life-Assist is the best PPE company I've worked with!

Ben S., Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Com, AZ

Great Service. Needed an invoice and Debbie Lang found and sent it to me very quickly, she also provided a second invoice I missed. Thanks, Debbie

Steven S., WDFW Enforcement, WA

I wanted to take a moment and comment on my experience with Life-Assist. I have been an EMS educator for 20 years and also serve as Logistics Coordinator for Public Safety. Outside the classroom I manage over 3 million dollars of equipment. Over the years I have come to appreciate two things regarding the vendors I work with, value and customer service. Last August I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Bergaus at the Kansas EMS Association Conference. She persuaded me to give your company a try. My experience since then has been phenomenal. Your web site is simple to use and has many features that can’t be matched by your competitors. When I need customer service they are ready and willing to help. Best of all I have saved our department thousands of dollars. For what it’s worth I have committed virtually all my equipment budget dollars to Life-Assist. Keep up the good work and I look forward to building a solid business relationship.

Kent S., Hutchinson Community College, Kansas

Debbie always wows me....she does an excellent job.

Phil H., SFQRU, ID

Everyone at Life-Assist is so helpful!! They are always willing to go far and above what is expected!!

Rena H., Olympic Ambulance, WA

My rep Chelsea Camp is the BEST! Chelsea always takes care of our needs right away and the turn around time from ordering to getting our product is SO fast! I would recommend Chelsea to anyone that wants amazing customer service!

Laura K., Folsom Police Department, CA

Debbie, and really everyone at Life Assist are fantastic.

Shawn B., Riverside County Fire, CA

I have recently taken over EMS operations for our department which includes inventory and ordering of EMS supplies. I have experienced great customer service with life-assist, and in particular with Chelsea Camp who handles our account. Thank you for your outstanding customer service.

Donald R., Fairview Fire Department, TX

Our rep, Courtney Kemp, is wonderful to work with. She is efficient and keeps us updated on orders and orders.

Lisa T., Syringa Hospital, ID

Lauren Helped me with an login problem. She wasn't able to complete it but had their IT department fix it after we hung up. She took my contact info just in case it didn't work. She sent me an email when it was done, and it worked flawlessly.

Chris T., Pueblo West Fire Department

Exceptional Customer Service!

Sheryl H., Belmont University, TN

Awesome, friendly superfast service!! Thank you!

Danielle S., California State Parks, CA

As always a great experience working with Becky, Gwen, and Lauren. These ladies and the rest of the pro's they work with never fail to give us thier best in support of our department. The dedication they give to the clients makes it easier for our department to serve the public needs. Thanks.

Don N., , California

I have had the pure pleasure of interacting with Debbie Lang as my customer service representative for many many years. Debbie has been an absolutely professional joy to work with over the years. I have a hunch that she is part of but a handful of folks that are the heartbeat of Life Assist.

Gordon P., East Jefferson Fire Rescue, WA

Life Assist is fantastic! Their service is fast & efficient; the people friendly and knowledgable, and products are first line and varied. Returns and credits are done promptly with no hassle. I can't say enough good things about Life Assist!

Helen M., , Washington

I had the pleasure of working with Sonia Khademi on the phone today while ordering narcotics. It had been awhile for me since my last order and I wasn’t sure how to go about it exactly. She was very kind and very patient with me throughout the process! I so appreciated that! She was very pleasant to work with.

Kaycie C., Sevier County EMS, UT

Lauren Gray was great! Thanks for helping me out.

Lary H., City of Mukilteo Fire Department, WA

Lauren Gray, great rep. Quick to respond. Friendly, even in e-mail. She is a a keeper.

Jeff N., Mescalero Apache Fire Rescue, NM

I am soo impressed with Lauren Gray, I emailed customer services for an invoice to provide to our accounting Dept. in less then 5 mins. she emailed me back with the information I was looking for! Great job!

Chelsi B., San Benito Office Of Emergency Services, CA

The morning of 09/14/2018, I received a huge shipment of what I ordered which made me feel like a kid on Christmas Day!!! I would love to thank Vanessa and Stacy for promising and guaranteeing that I would get my shipment as well as being willing to work with us. I am for sure going to make Life Assist my primary vendor for medical supplies. Once again, thank you Vanessa and Stacy, you both are a true blessing!!!

Esequiel , Hidalgo County EMS, TX

To whom it may concern, Lauren Gray is always helpful and cheerful on the phone no matter what I am asking her do to do for our department. She is professional and knowledgeable about the products your company carries. I enjoy working with Lauren. Thank you again!! Great Job Lauren.

Darin B., Sparks Fire Department, NV

Just wanted to say that...Danielle Delatorre was a great help today! You guys are always the best!!!!

Captain Sunahara, Cal Fire, CA

Merry wow'ed me today by getting the information that I needed very quickly and without a lot of fuss. I appreciate the fact that I explained what I needed and she got it for me.......Thanks Merry

Phil H., SFQRU, ID

Great customer service from Lauren!

Ron P., Monterey Park Fire Department, CA

Customer Service is exceptional. Sara is great! Fast shipping, good prices... Thank you!

Richard, RGX Medical, CA

The customer service staff at Life Assist, especially Debbie Lang, make the purchasing of equipment and supplies effortless. Thank you all for your many years of serving us I really appreciate it. Woody

Woody W., Advanced Life Systems, Inc., Washington

Life Assist Customer Service Manager Debbie Lang contacted me and provided an answer within 1 hour of my product inquiry.

John M., Higgins Frie District, CA

Courtney Kemp is awesome. Made a request for an invoice copy and she provided one very quickly. Kudos Courtney!

Patricia R., California State Parks, CA

Thank you to Lauren and the others who created a "promo table go bag" for us to promote the products from Life Assist at a community Active Shooter and Bleeding Control Training. Lauren went above and beyond to fill the gap when the marketing associate was out of the office. Great team work!

Bonnie M., Dunamis CPR Training, CA

Debbie is super helpful and amazing!

Jeff L., Columbia River Fire & Rescue, OR

Working with various vendors can be very time consuming and frustrating. However, Life Assist and especially Hanna, redefine and set the bar for customer service. Hanna's knowledge, speed and eagerness to help with orders, research past purchasing history and resolve any order errors is exemplary. Thank you Hanna for all you do it is very much appreciated.

Carl G., SKFR, Washington

Lauren Gray provided excellent customer service. Really appreciated her help. Thanks again Lauren.

Russ M., Procter & Gamble, OH

Thank you very much to Chelsea Camp for her awesome customer service! I can call her at any time with questions or concerns on products or orders and she drops whatever she is doing to assist me. In the rare case she doesn't have the answer she'll go out of her way to research it and get back to me quickly. As a result of Chelsea's help, Life-Assist has become my sole source for medical supplies.

Brandon, CA

Thank-you Gwen so much for helping us. Our D10 was expiring and our pharmacy has been looking for two months restock our supply with no results. Gwen made it easy and fast and Life-Assist had a large supply. Also, thanks Becky for always being there and available for our needs and coming to our EMS agency meetings, always so happy with a big smile and ready to assist for our needs. Karen

Karen V., Beale AFB Ambulance Services, CA

The service rep. was very helpful and doing business with Life Assist has been both pleasant and hassle free.

Anonymous, Loving Volunteer Fire Dept., NM

It is amazing how fast our orders are filled. We live in a some-what rural area and the orders are normally here the day after we order them. Thanks for the great service!

Steve O., Fort Bragg Fire, CA

Sonia has been very helpful on a number of different inquires. Thanks Sonia!

Daniele R., Snohomish Count FPD#19, WA

So far, my work with this company and the Rep I have, Becky Row, have been great. I could have not found a better Rep to work with than Becky - she does a great job. William Z. Webb

William W., Ruby Mt. EMS consultants, Nevada

Sonia rocked my world! Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Scott M., Glendale Fire, CA

Life Assist has been a breath of fresh air to work with. Any question I have is quickly returned. The online ordering process is extremely efficient. As a volunteer Fire Captain I need to spend more time training my firefighters and less time worrying about ordering supplies. Becky and Debbie make my life easier. I only wish the rest of the vendors I deal with were as friendly and helpful as Life Assist. Thanks you guys for all you do. John McDermott, Captain Orland Volunteer Fire Department

John M., Orland Volunteer Fire Department, California

I find good service, good pricing and a willingness to find things that aren't in your catalog. Life assist is always my 1st check for supplies. I love the free shipping for orders over $100 that also saves me money. Your customer service people who are assigned to me are always excellent. THANKS, Lorraine

Lorraine S., ACSD1, WY

Our involvement with Life Assist and its employees has been spectacular and nothing but professional. Sara has been most helpful in obtaining information, supplies, and quotes at a moments notice. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Life Assist to any other Agency needing to order supplies. Thanks for all you do in helping us keep our County safe.

Shane A., Davis County Sheriff, UT

Lauren Gray is wonderful, she is easy to work with, very fast, and attentive to details. My job would be much harder without her helping out!! -Eric

Eric C., Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, CA

Thank you for the prompt professional service while our sales rep is on vacation.

Jakub J., Cal Fire MVU, CA

Courtney is awesome & great to work with. (Life Assist actually has humans answering phones and not auto attendants) AMAZING and unheard of.

Dave C. W., Johnson Co EMA, IA

The prompt action taken by your representative Danielle D. in correcting the issue of wrong style battery we received for our portable suction unit is greatly appreciated. Her efforts will aid us in maintaining service to the public we serve.

John M., Higgins Fire District, CA

Courtney Kemp is an exemplary Customer Care Specialist! I have been ordering from Life-Assist for about a year and every single time I call and get her on the line, she makes it seem that I am the only customer she has! Courtney has always been ready, willing and eager to take care of anything that I have asked of her and takes care of it immediately! Thank you so much! It is a pleasure to do business with you!

Debra H., KS

I have been ordering from Life Assist for many years, and have been rewarded with courtesy, quick service, accurate ordering and delivery. You have earned a loyal returning customer. And now I have Pete Tracy as my area rep from Life Assist, and I couldn't be happier. He takes care of his customers, specifically he has gone out of his way to find fair pricing on hard to get items that my department stocks. Thanks for all you do Pete Tracy, and thanks Life Assist.

Kelly B., Ashland Fire & Rescue, Oregon

You were so very responsive and got me the information I needed on the spot!!

Emma, MEC, MI

Great customer service !

J B., CAL-CO Fire, CA

Lauren Gray has consistently provided excellent customer service and been more than accommodating. Thank you, it is greatly appreciated.

Dale C., Estacada Fire, OR

Lauren is one of the best Customer Service Reps I deal with. Fast, courteous, and accurate. Thanks for your help.


I called to request a copy of an invoice. Merry Burrell was extremely polite and helpful. I received the invoice within just a few minutes. Thank you..

Shree M., City of Liberty, TX

I was recently assisted by Sara Kimble and she was very helpful and informative. I have used Life-Assist for my departments EMS Supplies for several years now. The customer service is ALWAYS A+.

John H., Santa Paula Fire Department, CA

Lauren was wonderful to work with over the phone to get our company set up with an on-line account. She even made sure our discounts showed up, so we could start placing orders ASAP! Was easy and will help our company move forward!

Tiffany W., Trinity County Life Support, CA

You customer Service Rep (Lauren Gray) assisted me with a problem I was having with a replacement part. When the problem was resolved, she followed up with a email that was appreciated. This is why I continue to return to this company for my medical supply needs. Thank you

Steven D., Foster City Fire Department, CA

Lauren took great care of me. Didn't question when I needed to return a product.

Paul K., HollyFrontier Refining, WY

We have received fantastic service from Life Assist for quite a few years now. In that time I have never had difficulty with an order, nor had to call customer support for help of any kind. The majority of our orders are delivered next day, the representatives are extremely kind, and I have never been put on hold. I have recommended Life Assist to a number of peers, some of whom have used the company & reported similar positive feedback. Thank you Life Assist!

David R., Bay Area Hyperbarics, CA

Life Assist has been very courteous and helpful every time I have made contact with them. Staff is knowledgeable and very informed on products. In this day and age of competition with pricing from vendors, it is difficult for programs like ours to be able to afford to order in larger quantities to get the best pricing available. Life Assist has been fair and competitive in their pricing and quantity of our orders that our service has required. I would and have recommended your company to other services in our area. I hope we have helped your company also as well as you have helped El Campo EMS. Thank you!

Michael G., El Campo EMS, Texas

Quality products, and staff (who continue to go the extra mile), make Life Assist our first choice in procuring training supplies needed for the students of Paramedic Training!

Michelle P., Paramedic Training, WA

Called and spoke with Merry about what I need to set up an account with Life-Assist. She was so polite and told me what I would need to set up and account. She made it really easy for me to understand. Can't wait to place my first order with Life-Assist.

Dorothy Y L., Self, Home Care, CA

Once again Sonia Khademi has come to the rescue. I needed and larger sharps box and she found what I needed. Some one needs to take her to lunch. She is awesome.

Paul M., Caesars Palace, NV

Danielle Delatorre was really helpful and forthcoming in getting us through an initial order of supplies for the new EMT protocols.

George D., Mendocino Vol. Fire Dept., CA

Life Assist is the best! We should have moved over sooner. The customer service is above all. We had no IV fluid at the emergency time when no one could get it, my other vendors failed to let me know what was happening until it did. Life Assist came through (Chelsea) and found us what we needed, explained what happened and helped us get through a crisis. If we are in need for next day, they have always gone above and beyond. I am so impressed, I have been doing supplies for 10 years and I thought we had superior vendors, until we moved to LIfe Assist and they are the top, if we need it they have it - if they don't they try to get it and I just can't say enough. give them a try and you will see. They are the best.

Anonymous, Pinetop Fire, Arizona

A few months ago, I got a call from a Chelsea Camp trying to get my business. I get these calls from time to time like this and I usually just pass them off. Well something about this call was different so I stopped and listened to her. She made a lot of claims, but I doubted that she could back them up. Something about her personality on the phone caused me to listen on and give her a chance. Well she proved to me that she could meet and beat some prices, but what about the service? So, I tried a small order. Everything went just fine. So, I placed a few more orders. Not a problem one. Well let me tell you, Chelsea has become one of my best friends. She always answers the phone. Well the few times she hasn’t - she calls back quickly. I mean it. If I email her she returns the email or calls me quickly. She responds faster than any of the other venders that I use. She tries to get me the best prices that she can. Well you can’t always have the best prices, but her service makes up the difference.

Ken E., Ponca City Fire Department, OK

Ashley was very friendly and helpful. She did not hesitate to get me a RMA and postage slip. Thank you very much.

Doug S., TVEMS, CO

Lauren, Thanks you so much for your prompt attention to our payment issue. it was taken care very quickly and easily. I couldn't have asked for better service.

Kevin P., BYU EMS, UT

Thanks for your quick reply to my question.

Dennis B., Sunnyside FD, WA

All the staff at Life-Assist are amazing. Thank-you Lauren for all your help with our orders and shipping. You were able to save us around $500.00 on this order. Thanks for your personal attention and expertise.

Alan L., Team One, LLC, AK

Yes Courtney Wow'ed me! Thank you for all your courteous attention!

Lt. Harris, ABFD, NC

I have been purchasing products thru Life-Assist for about 15 years now, I have never had a bad experience with anyone within their company. The customer service reps when I call in on the phone are always extremely helpful. My sales rep Diana B, is one of the best in the business, she will accept my phone calls on holidays, weekends, whenever I need her! Life-Assist keep up the great work, I always try and get you guys as much business as possible. Thank you Michael Brown

Michael B., Glenwood Fire and Rescue, IA

Best customer service support EVER! Thank you all!

Tere M., Eugene Springfield Fire, OR

Lauren Gray went the extra mile for me today with some pretty particular requirements. She was most helpful. Thanks Lauren! Also, your on-line ordering is awesome!

Tom T., Cal Fire, CA

Sonia Khademi was very helpful on a recent order. The order was coming through a trucking company and she helped me locate the PRO number that I needed to track the crucial shipment.

Anonymous, CO

Our small, rural fire district for the first time in it's 40-year history is adding EMTs to the district. Our neighboring FDs turned us on to Life Assist and they are AWESOME! Joy of AZ and Chelsea of CA have helped us to make our first large purchases of EMT supplies and have been gracious and extremely helpful and understanding. I can't thank them enough! More orders from our little rural area to come!

Deirde M., Sherwood Forest Estates Fire District, AZ

Customer service is ALWAYS top-notch. They follow through with questions, and if they don't know the answer they will find it out promptly. Never an issue with Life Assist... they are Great!!!

Vicki A., Seattle Fire Medic One, WA

At 1730 hours on a Friday night, I received a call for hundreds of items needed for 41 medical people being deployed to Puerto Rico. Items needed to be in Louisiana on Tuesday so they could be taken with the team. I called Life-Assist and visited with Debbie Lang. Debbie did an outstanding job, working over the weekend, allowing me to call her with questions, getting me the quote and having everything ready to ship next day air on Monday. All 28 boxes, 762 pounds of gloves, mask, gowns, and other items arrived on Tuesday, in time for the team being deployed to Puerto Rico. Debbie, THANK YOU so much for your dedication to Life-Assist and outstanding support.

Duane B., First Responder KS, LLC, KS

As always, top notch service. Thank you!

Kristen A., Las Cruces Fire Department, NM

Danielle was very polite, professional, and prompt. She provided me immediate assistance and I received an email with my requested document almost before I hung up the phone. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Steve Y., California Highway Patrol, CA

Yes, this is the best service I have received from all the companies I deal with.

Dorothy B., Moorcroft Ambulance , WY