Intersurgical Breathing Filters



A range of breathing filters, HMEs and combined HMEF products for patient protection and humidification designed for use in anaesthesia and intensive care.


  • Hydro-Guard™ Mini breathing filter - A versatile, low-volume breathing filter with a pleated membrane for use in anaesthesia as an HMEF (moisture return: 23mg H2O/L at VT 500ml), or in ITU as a filter only


  • The Air-Guard Clear filter is a hydrophobic pleated membrane filter, designed for the protection of oxygen concentrator machines and other respiratory equipment


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Can Intersurgical Breathing Filters be used with Ambu SPUR II Resuscitators?

Lucia M.- On Monday, 23 November 2020


The preferred location for a filter on an Ambu SPUR II Resuscitator is the exhalation port which would require a 30mm adapter. This filter will fit between the valve and mask, but you should consult with your medical director before using a filter this way. It will increase dead space, and can accumulate moisture.

Forrest U.- answered On Monday, 23 November 2020

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