Surgical Mask (Level 3)

by Amsino International


Worn by personnel to cover the mouth, nose and chin, the mask provides a physical barrier to block exhalation or ejection of pollutants from mouth and nose, and to reduce breathing in airborne particles.


  • Disposable
  • ASTM F2100 Level III
  • Mask consists of three layers of nonwoven material:
    • Outer Layer - Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric
    • Middle Layer - Polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven
    • Inner Layer - Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric
  • Latex-Free
  • 175 mm×95 mm / 6.89in.×3.74in.




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Product Specifications


  • Mask length: 175 mm(6.89in.)
  • Mask expansion width: 165 mm(6.49in.). Post-stack width is 95 mm(3.74in.) with three stacks in the middle. Each stack width is not less than 10 mm(0.39in.). The nose clip is located on the upper edge of the mask, and the outside of the mask is darker in color.
  • The position of the upper nose clip is not more than 16 mm(0.63in.).
  • Nose clip: length > 90 mm(3.54in.); width approximately 3 mm(0.12in.)
  • Ear loop: 170 mm(6.69in.) in length and 3.5 mm(0.14in.) in diameter, composed of polyester, spandex and other materials, welded on the inner layer not more than 10 mm(0.39in.) from the edge. 1

Questions and Answers


Are the Disposable Surgical Masks (Level 3) manufactured in the US.

Anonymous- On Monday, 19 July 2021


No, the Disposable Surgical Masks (Level 3) are manufactured in China.

Forrest U.- answered On Wednesday, 21 July 2021

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