Tranexamic Acid (TXA)

by NDC


Items designated as Rx can only be sold to licensed facilities or agencies where these items are then dispensed under the authority of the prescribing physician/medical director. Life-Assist does not fill prescription scripts or fill orders for prescriptions items that are used outside of a licensed practice or service.

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What is the "Shelf Life" of Tranexamic Acid in both Vial and Bag form?

Anonymous- On Tuesday, 30 March 2021


The Shelf Life for Tranexamic Acid is 3 Years from the date of manufacture in Vial form & 2 Years from the date of manufacture in Bag form. For current item expiration dating, please contact our Customer Care Team at 800-824-6016.

Forrest U.- answered On Thursday, 01 April 2021

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