Pet Rescue Kit


Because heroes save pets' lives too. Custom embroidered 1000D Cordura bag contains the following items:

  • SurgiVet Anesthesia Masks - Five sizes, from small feline through large canine.
  • SurgiVet Recovery Oxygen Masks - Three sizes from feline to canine.
  • LSP Bag-Mask Resuscitators - One adult and one pediatric.
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Kit contains:

  • Pet Rescue Bag, Coyote Tan: #CSPET
  • LSP Bag Mask Resuscitator, Pediatric: #OM6701
  • LSP Bag Mask Resuscitator, Adult: #OM6704
  • Pet Recovery Oxygen Mask Kit: #SMIT_V7148
  • Animal Anesthesia Mask Kit: #SMIT_V7149

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