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Operative IQ is passionate about helping agencies remain service ready and has committed to creating solutions that are designed specifically for first response agencies.


Since 2007, the dedicated team at Operative IQ has worked with hundreds of organizations to repair their processes and manage their medical supply inventory, assets, fleet, and narcotics saving agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars in supply costs, maintenance costs, and vehicle downtime.


Contact your Life-Assist Account Manager or our Customer Care team to learn more about options and to receive a quote based on your custom requirements.


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Inventory and Asset Management

Controlling inventory costs and performing inspections shouldn’t require guesswork and reams of paper. Operative IQ can help you quickly and easily determine where your items are located, when they expire, how much you use and when supplies should be ordered. This system will provide the information needed to make accurate purchasing decisions, record usage, and track maintenance schedules.


Fleet Management

Well maintained vehicles are critical to your safety and risk management. Managing a fleet involves a lot of moving parts, but Operative IQ makes it easy to create and track maintenance schedules based on odometer, usage hours, or date/time. Operative IQ can help you get your vehicles back on the road faster and give technicians the information they need to effectively perform their duties.


Narcotics Tracking

The award-winning Operative IQ Narcotics Tracking application meets the controlled substance tracking demands of EMS and Fire Departments. The online system replaces today’s paper-controlled substance logbooks, allowing you to manage the receipt, movement, administration and final disposition of each individual drug. This gives you a true cradle-to-grave picture and your medical director peace of mind.


Service Desk

Communication is key to understanding your organization’s needs. Close the loop on important conversations and requests with Service Desk, an internal ticketing system designed to capture and resolve service needs. Submit service tickets to specific departments and receive status updates keeping all parties up to date.



Save both time and money with increased automation in your organization. RFID solutions are available to help you inventory your supply rooms faster, keep track of key assets, and manage your narcotics safes with ease. Operative IQ builds custom solutions unique to your needs.


Questions and Answers


How do I request a demo of the Operative IQ - Operations Management Software?

Anonymous- On Friday, 11 January 2019


To request a demo of the Operative IQ - Operations Management Software, please call us or email our Customer Care team at [email protected].

Sara K.- answered On Sunday, 13 January 2019


What's the pricing for theOperative IQ - Operations Management Software?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Pricing for the Operative IQ - Operations Management Software varies, depending on your requirements. Please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care department for more information.

Jim L.- answered On Friday, 21 June 2019

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