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StatPacks G3 First Aid QuickRoll Intubation

The G3 First Aid QuickRoll intubation kit is a lightweight, compact, minimalistic approach to carrying airway equipment. This module is designed to organize basic and advanced airway equipment for EMT intubation or basic airway adjunct procedures. The singe-buckle closure allows fast, one handed access. Rolls up for quick access and easy storage.

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StatPacks, Inc.
Manuf #G36000RE
G3 First Aid QuickRoll, Red
$60.00 ea
StatPacks, Inc.
Manuf #G36000TK
G3 First Aid QuickRoll, Tactical Black
$60.00 ea
  • Unique foam lined design keeps everything inside protected from breakage or the elements
  • ID window to label any way you want to identify between other medic bags
  • Clear internal durable urethane pockets allow quick identification of contents in the intubation kit
  • Organizes laryngoscope, blades, as well as intubation tubes, syringes and forceps
  • Holds Oral Pharyngeal Airways / Nasal Pharyngeal Airways and gloves
  • Main fabric is 420 Denier Nylon with a one ounce urethane coating for an easier clean and protection from the elements
  • Separate Velcro® closure that holds a 10 cc syringe
  • Single-buckle closure opens quickly, revealing all airway control tools
  • Color-coded for easy identification from other EMT Intubation Equipment