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S-SCORT® II Suction Units

The Power Option.

The 15006 now accepts an expanded range of defibrillator batteries. This soft sided, compact S-SCORT exceeds all known standards for EMS and provides a receptacle for defibrillator batteries.

NOTE: Batteries are not included and the S-SCORT II has no charging capabilities. Batteries are to be supplied by the user and charged in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer of the battery.

The DC power cord will connect the unit to the vehicle and run the pump with no batteries inserted and/or in parallel with the battery to extend the running time. The DC power cord will not charge the LIFEPAK® defibrillator/monitor batteries.

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Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #15006
Suction Unit
$775.00 ea
R & D Batteries, Inc.
Manuf #5027-FP
LifePak 5/10 Fast Charge Replacement Battery
$54.50 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80665
Replacement DC Cable
$16.80 ea

Two position regulator.


Performance: 30-35 lpm airflow, 525+ mmHg vacuum


Dimensions: 7”H x 7”W x 14”L; Weight: 8.5 lbs.


Chassis: Aluminum Base covered by Vinyl Coated Nylon


Electrical: Receptacles to accept a variety of defibrillator batteries (BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED)