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ON A BOARD Backboard Pad

The affordable new way to minimize patient discomfort and injury during transport. The On A Board Backboard Pad provides a convenient and insulated cushion between the patient and the backboard. The foam used in the On A Board Backboard Pad is specially formulated to provide a high load distribution in a thin cushion structure reducing the point loads at the scapula and sacrum.

  • Latex Free and X-ray Transluscent
  • Disposable and easy to use with no tapes, straps or glue
  • Dimensions: 25.5” x 13.75” x 0.75”

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Motion Medical Dist.
Manuf #2510
ON A BOARD Backboard Pad
$23.00 ea
$215.00 cs-10

The On A Board Pad does not limit the use of head immobilizers, straps or strapping systems. The soft foam allows straps to work easily though the handholds. The positioning of the pad on the board does not inhibit the use or placement of head immobilization devices. The On a Board Pad will not prevent all pressure ulcers caused by laying on a backboard, but will significantly reduce the point loads at the scapula and the sacrum of patients being transported under emergency conditions. The specially designed shape and size of the On a Board Pad provides protection from the scapula to the sacrum where the majority of emergency transport skin damage events occur.

  • Thermal properties - warmer transport in colder weather
  • The soft foam does not interfere with strapping systems