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MATCombat Tourniquet

MATCombat is Pyng Medical’s second generation tourniquet based on the award-winning design of Pyng Medical’s MAT® tourniquet, which was originally developed for the US Department of Defense. The new MATCombat tourniquet can be quickly applied in the field to all limbs with one hand, and features a mechanical ratchet system to provide safe compression in controlled increments.

  • 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors).
  • Safe compression. Can be applied in small, controlled increments and easily released.
  • One-hand application. Easy-to-use/learn for all levels of medical and non-medical personnel.

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Vidacare Corporation
Manuf #MATC
MATCombat Tourniquet, Olive/Black
$35.60 ea
  • Durable. Operates in extreme conditions such as mud, water and sand submersion, extreme cold, ice-encrustment and hard surface impact.
  • Multi-purpose application to arms, legs and trapped limbs.
  • Secure. Mechanical advantage tourniquet system featuring a new and improved metal buckle ensures that MATCombat does not slip or loosen.
  • Light weight, compact design.
  • Easy release and re-application in 10 seconds or less.
  • Appropriate for most sizes of limbs as small as 4" diameter and as large as 39" circumference.
  • In three independent studies by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps that compared tourniquet products and methodologies, MAT® performance was ranked first for stopping blood flow.Light weight, compact design.