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Hartwell FASPLINT® Semi-Disposable Vacuum Splints

Designed for the really messy trauma call or those situations when equipment retrieval is difficult, the FASPLINT® provides optimum immobilization at a very affordable price. This semi-disposable vacuum splint provides secure immobilization without circumferential pressure, eliminating the potential for vessel and nerve damage. The FASPLINT® molds to the contours of the patient’s injury, so even difficult fractures and dislocations can be stabilized easily and quickly.

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Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS9000RC
Kit with Compact Aluminum Pump and Carry Case
$299.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS9000RCPL
Kit with Economy Pump and Carry Case
$189.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS801-10
Small Splint
$19.95 ea
$199.50 bx-10
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS802-10
Medium Splint
$28.95 ea
$289.50 bx-10
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS803-10
Large Splint
$38.95 ea
$389.50 bx-10
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS12C
Repl. All-Aluminum COMPACT Vacuum Pump
$163.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS12PL
Repl. ECONOMY Vacuum Pump (90 day warranty)
$56.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS14RC
Replacement Case, Rectangular
$49.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #FS15TIP
Tapered Adapter
$14.50 ea
  • Conforms to any shape or angle
  • Evacuation time for the splint is less than 8 seconds
  • Quality vinyl provides excellent patient comfort and makes the splint easy to form, even in cold temperatures
  • Three sizes make the FASPLINT® an easy choice for a variety of patients
  • Bright safety orange color is easy to spot, even at night


SP-90010 FASPLINT® Kit (3 piece kit) includes small splint, medium splint, large splint, compact vacuum pump, adapter tip, carry case.


SP-815 Tapered Adapter can be used to convert an existing compact EVAC-U-SPLINT pump for use with the FASPLINT®.

Can I use my Hartwell Evac-U-Splint pump on other vacuum splints?
The SP815 (FS15TIP) adapter will allow you to use an Evac-U-Splint or FULLBODY pump on Hartwell Fasplints.

Can I use my Hartwell Fasplint pump on other vacuum splints?
The HWEL_EV15FSPM (EV15FSPM) adapter will allow you to use a Fasplint pump on Hartwell Evac-U-Splints.