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Apex Actylus™ Smart Bin System

Keep supplies in stock and in reach. Real-time replenishment alerts and automated ordering help put an end to stock-outs and emergency orders.

  • Bins automatically detect restock levels
  • Flexible configurations
  • Bright interior LED lighting
  • Fast and easy set-up

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Automated, Efficient and Lean

Each bin automatically detects restock levels and sends real-time replenishment alerts, eliminating the need for manual counting.


Flexible Configurations

Create the ideal solution for your teams by selecting shelf number, spacing and bin sizes.


Bright Lighting

Interior LED lights keep bin contents visible to ensure quick selection with no surprises.


Easy Replenishment

Restock in established quantities, full packages, boxes or Kanban lots.


Fast and Easy Set-Up

Designed for quick assembly and same-day set-up – no complicated preimplementation process or lengthy product testing. Just three simple steps – assemble, connect, teach – it’s that easy.


Keep supplies in stock and in reach

Real-time replenishment alerts and automated ordering put an end to stock-outs and emergency orders.


Your supply chain talks to you

Smarter Spaces™ technology eliminates the tags, flags and cards of manual monitoring with proactive restock and reorder alerts right to your ERP.


Understand your inventory usage

System reports help you spot changes in usage patterns, unusual consumption, productivity trends and more.


To receive more information regarding the Apex Actylus™ Smart Bin System, please call or email our Customer Service Department at (800) 824-6016 or