DMS Rapid Response Kit


This all-inclusive tool is built to triage, treat and make ready for transport any number of patients allowing departments to accommodate larger MCIs.


  • Self-Contained, Rolling Rapid Response Kit
  • All EMT3® Position Worksheets Included
  • Incident Command Worksheets for Quick Scene Set-Up
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Kit Contents:

  • EMT3® Forms & Clipboards for Each Position
  • (4) 15' x 20' Treatment Area Tarps (DMS-05004)
  • Pad of 25 MCI Command Worksheets (DMS-05562)
  • 9 Key ICS Position Vests
  • 50 All Risk® Triage Tags (DMS-05420)
  • Rolling Duffel (DMS-06082)
  • Pencils & Pens


Vest Positions Included:

  • Triage Unit Leader
  • Treatment Unit Leader
  • Minor Treatment Manager
  • Delayed Treatment Manager
  • Immediate Treatment Manager
  • Morgue Manager
  • Medical Communications Coordinator
  • Ground Ambulance Coordinator
  • Patient Transportation Unit Leader


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