TECNU Poison Oak-N-Ivy Brand Cleansers

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These outdoor cleansers have been specially designed to remove rash-causing oil (urushiol) from the skin (and other items) after exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, & poison sumac plants. Available in Original and Extreme Scrub formulas


  • Can also be used to keep oil or residue from spreading
  • Most effective when used within 8 hours after exposure
  • Extreme Scrub formula contains silicon dioxide beads to help exfoliate skin
  • New Detox Wipe Original Formula Version in individually wrapped packages for more effective oil removal on the go.


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Questions and Answers


Do you use Tecnu Extreme before or after the poison ivy rash appears?

John P.- On Friday, 04 March 2022


Tecnu Extreme can be used before or after the rash appears. If used after exposure, it will help remove the rash causing oils. If used after the rash appears, it will help prevent the rash from spreading.

Sara k.- answered On Friday, 04 March 2022


Can I use Tecnu Extreme on my uniform like the Tecnu Original Formula?

Liz L.- On Friday, 04 March 2022


The Tecnu Extreme Formula contains micro beads for exfoliating skin and is not recommended for use on clothes or uniforms.

Sara K.- answered On Friday, 04 March 2022

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