Simulaids MULTIPLE Casualty Simulation Kit

by Nasco Healthcare


The Multiple Casualty kit was designed especially for intermediate and advanced first aid courses. It contains simulation of the most commonly found injuries and teaches students to recognize and treat these wounds.

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Bleeding Strap On Wounds Complete With Reservoir Bags With Pump Assembly:

  • 1 open amputation
  • 1 compound (open) fracture of tibia
  • 1 compound (open) fracture of humerus
  • 1 sucking wound of chest
  • 1 gunshot wound of palm
  • 24 assorted lacerations and open fractures



  • 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood
  • 1 pkg. blood powder thickener
  • 3 packs blood powder
  • 1 adhesive stick
  • 1 casualty simulation wax
  • 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® (simulating glass imbedded wound)
  • Grease paint (white, blue, brown and red)
  • 3 spatulas
  • 3 wood tongue depressors


Size: 21" x 12" x 10". Sh. wt. 11 lbs.


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