FLEX-GUIDE ET Tube Introducer

by Xponent Healthcare


First introduced and broadly adopted in the United States as an economical, critical nonsurgical adjunct for difficult airway intubation.


  • Tubing is flexible and can be straightened or bent as required
  • Will remain in the desired shape while it is used
  • Easy to use 60 cm length
  • 1 cm bold band to use as highly visible placement depth guide
  • Latex Free, Single use
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More Information

  • Coude bend (angled end) 2 cm from its distal end vibrates over the tracheal rings as the introducer is moved down the trachea, confirming to the intubator that it is correctly placed
  • The adult Flex-Guide has 1 cm band at 37 cm from its proximal end to quickly and easily help to determine correct placement depth. This bold marking is especially useful in emergency intubation situations when seconds matter
  • The pediatric Flex-Guide has 10 cm markings and a lesser coude angle to account for the smaller size of the pediatric trachea
  • The Flex-Guide is similar to a "gum-elastic bougie", only more economical

Questions and Answers


The FLEX-GUIDE™ ET Tube Introducer I need is GM85110, no "C" at the end. Do you have this product?

Anonymous- On Monday, 19 October 2020


The "C" in the FLEX-GUIDE™ ET Tube Introducer part number refers to the case size, which is nine boxes. The individual FLEX-GUIDE has no "C" on the packaging. They are the same product.

Jim L.- answered On Monday, 19 October 2020

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