Iso-Gard HEPA Filters



The CDC recommends the use of a HEPA filter with BVMs to filter expired air from suspected SARS patients. These filters will fit beween the BVM’s valve and the mask or ET tube.

The Hepa Light, Large:

  • 80ml dead space, 1.8cmH2O resistance, 300-1200ml tidal volume range
  • 22mm ID inlet, 15mm ID/22mm OD outlet

The Hepa, Small:

  • 26ml dead space, 2.3cmH2O resistance - Recommended for infants and small pediatrics, due to its lower dead space
  • 15mm OD x 15MM ID/22mm OD
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Questions and Answers


Are the HEPA Filters 0.03 microns?

Anonymous- On Thursday, 02 April 2020


According to the manufacturer, the HEPA Filters provide "Bacterial/Viral filtration efficiency of 99.9999+%". There is no micron size listed.

Jim L.- answered On Thursday, 02 April 2020


Does the HEPA Filter also work as an HME at the patient?

Anonymous- On Thursday, 09 April 2020


Yes, the HEPA Filters can be used as HMEs. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Jim L.- answered On Friday, 10 April 2020


Can HEPA Filters be attached to a pocket mask to provide breaths to a patient that way?

Anonymous- On Tuesday, 23 June 2020


No, the HEPA Filters will not attach to a pocket mask. However, both the Laerdal Pocket Masks and the Ambu Res-Cue Masks come with filters in the one-way valves.

Jim L.- answered On Tuesday, 23 June 2020


What is the minimum TV for the small HEPA Filter?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 24 June 2020


The TV range for the small OM28062 HEPA Filter is 150-800ml.

Life-Assist- answered On Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Can Iso-Gard HEPA Filters be used with Oxygen Concentrators?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 23 December 2020


Please contact the manufacturer for questions regarding the use of ISO-Gard HEPA Filters with an Oxygen Concentrator.

Forrest U.- answered On Thursday, 24 December 2020


What is the HEPA Classification for Iso-Gard HEPA FIlters?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 05 October 2022


Iso-Gard HEPA FIlters have a HEPA Classification of 13.

Forrest U.- answered On Friday, 07 October 2022

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