Quick Connect Diamond Adapters


  • OG-0801 is a male quick connect fitting with 1/8” NPT male pipe threads. Will fit most flowmeters and flow controllers.
  • OG-0802 is a male quick connect fitting with male DISS-1240 threads. Attaches to pressure hoses, allowing oxygen powered devices to plug into an Ohmeda style quick-connect in an ambulance or on a regulator.
  • OG-0804 is a female quick connect fitting with male 1/4" NPT (pipe) threads.
  • OG-0700A Quick Connect Pigtail is 12” of green pressure hose with a stubby Ohmeda female quick-connect on one end and a finger-tight DISS nut on the other. Designed to be attached to a DISS adapter on an oxygen regulator, allowing easy setup of a portable oxygen system for use with any device with a quick-connect fitting.
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