ESO Logistics Management


Introducing ESO Asset Management, Inventory, and Checklists – three applications built with seamless workflows for Fire Departments and EMS agencies. Ensure you, your teams, and your equipment are ready for whatever comes next.


  • View live product availability, contracted pricing, and shipping options.
  • Shop for alternate supplies you don’t typically order but may want to try.
  • Streamline tooling for receiving items into your inventory once they arrive.


Contact your Life-Assist Account Manager or our Customer Care team to learn more about options and to receive a quote based on your custom requirements.

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Find Your EMS Supply Sweet Spot

Balancing cost control with medication availability is a moving target you can actually hit with ESO Inventory. Minimize waste and spend less on supplies by moving expiring medications to busier locations where they may be used and by keeping supply counts at par to avoid overstocking shelves.


Drive Operational Efficiency via Integration

The productivity gains you can expect from ESO Inventory stem from both its simple and intuitive design and its seamless connectivity between locations and tasks. Simplify your ordering and restocking process by directly accessing Life-Assist through our platform, where you can see pricing and receive tracked order updates—all in one place.


Scrap the Spreadsheet for Better Visibility

Having real-time insights at your fingertips into inventory levels at all locations, restocking requirements and reorder status has its benefits. This enhanced visibility takes the guesswork out of deciding from where to transfer needed supplies or, alternatively, when to place orders and for what quantities.

ESO Inventory Management Video
Learn how to make your team response ready using ESO Logistics Management software, putting Checklists, Asset & Inventory Management, all in one system.

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