EMT3 Incident Commander Go-Kit


The DMS EMT3 Incident Commander Go-Kit provides rapid access to the critical forms and job action sheets essential for effective MCI mitigation. Scalable to any size incident, this Kit will ensure each and every resource has the tools needed to be effective at their position.


  • Easily Stores in Any Vehicle
  • Dimensions: 10" x 14"
  • Weatherproof forms
  • Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport
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Kit Contents:

  • 8 Job Action Sheets
  • 4 Storage Clipboards
  • 4 Standard Plastic Clipboards
  • 5 Bed Availability Worksheets
  • 5 Treatment Unit Leader Count Worksheets (DMS-05788)
  • EMT3® Instructional Pamphlet
  • ICS 214 Activity Log pad
  • Chemlight for Night Operations
  • Go-Kit Bag / Case (Dependent on Kit Purchased)
  • 8 Pens


ICS Positions Included:

  • Triage Unit Leader
  • Treatment Unit Leader
  • Minor Treatment Manager
  • Delayed Treatment Manager
  • Immediate Treatment Manager
  • Medical Communications Coordinator
  • Ground Ambulance Coordinator
  • Patient Transportation Unit Leader

Questions and Answers


Does the EMT3 Incident Commander Go-Kit come with the bag or the hard case?

Anonymous- 1 week ago


The EMT3 Incident Commander Go-Kit comes with the orange soft case.

Jim L.- answered 1 week ago

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