SIMBODIES Realistic EMS Manikins & Trainers


SIMBODIES Realistic EMS Manikins and Task Trainers are thoughtfully designed and detailed to provide hyper-realistic simulation training. Each full body manikin is handmade and includes features such as cadaver casted airways and anatomically correct body and landmarks, including replication of veins. SIMBODIES Task Trainers are multifunctional, address specific procedures and work with a wide range of bandages, tourniquets and other bleeding control applicators.



  • Splashproof and washable skin for easy maintenance
  • Full body, Torso and Trask Trainers and wound sleeves available
  • Adult, child and infant options manikins
  • Lightweight and comes in a portable case
  • See the "More Information" section below for additional literature



For more information or to find the right SIMBODIES for your agency, contact your Life-Assist Account Manager, or email our Products Team at [email protected].



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