OLAES Hemostatic Bandage


The OLAES Hemostatic Bandage is a combination of the OLAES Modular Bandage and the HemCon ChitoGauze PRO creating the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple traumatic injury encounters.


  • X-Ray detectable
  • Chitosan hemostatic agent
  • Latex-Free
  • CoTCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care) recommended


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1) Hemostatic Gauze 

  • 3"x12' of ChitoGauze PRO hemostatic gauze.

2) True Pressure Cup 

  • Focuses pressure on the wound site helping to occlude damaged vessels. It can also be used as a eye shield for ocular injuries.

3) Wound Pad 

  • Sustaines bleeding control and keeps wound clear of debris. Non-adherent compartment keeps gauze tucked neatly inside for rapid access during application.

4) Hook and Loop Control Strips 

  • Built-in Hook and Loop Control Strips stationed along the bandage's elastic wrap prevents unrolling during application. 

5) Elastic Wrap 

  • Secures gauze to the injury site and assists in maintaining pressure.

6) Securing Clip 

  • Locks bandage into place freeing up user's hands.

7) Easy-Tear Points 

  • Rapid access multiple tear points indicated by red arrows at each package corner.

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