SunMed AirFlow BVM



The SunMed AirFlow BVM is a disposable, single patient use, manual resuscitator designed to allow EMS and first responders to customize a resuscitation bag to meet the patients needs. The Airflow BVM offers a bacterial/viral filter, patient port swivel, pliable bag body and optional manometer.


  • Customize to fit your needs
  • Bacterial/viral filter comes standard on all models
  • Accurate pressure delivery
  • Optional pop-off valve and manometer



Please see Urgent Medical Device Correction Notice in the "More Information" Section below.

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More Information

Mask Size -

Infant - Size 2

Child - Size 3

Pediatric - Size 4

Adult - Size 5


Bag Volume -

Infant - 300 ml

Child - 550 ml

Pediatric - 1000 ml

Small Adult - 1500 ml

Large Adult - 1900 ml


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