AerosoLess Filtered Safety Masks

by Aerosoless Medical


AerosoLess™ Filtered Safety™ masks offer high efficacy filters designed to prevent exhaled pathogens from endangering first responders. The faceplate on the mask creates a CPAP-like seal on the patient's face and improves oxygenation.


  • FDA listed Class I mask
  • Low airflow resistance viral/bacterial exhalation filters
  • Nebulizer and Non-rebreather options
  • SafetyNeb mask is compatible with most jet nebulizers and vibrating mesh nebulizers
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AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask Overview Video
The AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask has been designed with viral filters over the mask vents to keep first responders safe when providing breathing treatments.
AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask Review by Doctor Antevy and Doctor Tan
Watch Doctor Antevy and Doctor Tan review the AerosoLess SafetyNeb Mask and learn about its many benefits.

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