S-Guide Intubation Guide

S-Guide Intubation Guide

The S-Guide aids intubation in difficult airway management situations, making orotracheal intubation easier.


  • Malleable to adapt to video laryngoscopes with non-channelled blades
  • Openings in O2 connectors provide oxygenation throughout the intubation process, even when S-Guide is bent
  • Soft colored tip for better visualization in the glottic structures and size coding
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  • Disposable Product
  • 5-year Shelf Life
  • Sterile Packed
S-Guide Intubation Guide How to Use
Learn how to use the malleable intubating S-Guide for difficult airway management, such as in situations where visualization of the glottis is inadequate.

Questions and Answers


What is the recommended LPM that should be used to oxygenate during the intubation process with the S-Guide Intubation Guide?

Anonymous- On Monday, 06 September 2021


According to the manufacturer, the recommended initial oxygen flow rate with the S-Guide Intubation Guide is 2 LPM, with a maximum of 10 LPM. We recommend that you consult with your medical director before use.

Jim L.- answered On Tuesday, 07 September 2021

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