BD Intraosseous Powered Driver




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The innovative BD™ Intraosseous Vascular Access System offers emergency healthcare providers a solution for intraosseous (IO) vascular access in emergent situations.


  • Integrated passive safety needle to protect against needlestick injuries
  • Rechargeable with battery light indicator
  • Five needle lengths to safely achieve IO access in patients of all sizes
  • Designed to accommodate larger hands more comfortably


  • Each Needle Kit includes: (1) Needle, (1) Stabilizer, (1) MaxZero extension set





The multi-light battery indicator on the BD™ Intraosseous Powered Driver provides instant identification of battery charge status so you can rest assured the drill will be ready when you need it. The BD™ Intraosseous Powered Driver can be recharged to last over 12x longer than the non-rechargeable Teleflex EZ-IO


The needle-free connector on the BD MaxZero™ Extension set provides access for continuous infusion that minimizes the risk of contamination and is easily disinfected in just 3 seconds with an alcohol swab. Additionally, the Max T-connector provides an additional access point that can be used in emergent situations


The contoured shape of the patented BD™ Intraosseous Securement Device is uniquely designed to allow you to stabilize the IO device on the contours of any relevant anatomy. It is packaged with the needle set for ease and convenience, eliminating the hassle of having to reach for a separate stabilization device. And because the securement device can be placed either before or after the extension set, you will minimize procedure steps.


BD IO Intraosseous Powered Driver Video
Watch this video for a complete overview of the BD Intraosseous Powered Driver.
BD IO Intraosseous Powered Driver Overview
Watch as Forrest, Life-Assist Product Specialist, demonstrates the features of the BD IO Powered Driver.

Questions and Answers


What is included in the BD Powered Drill IO Needle Kit?

Anonymous- On Friday, 13 November 2020


Each Needle Kit includes 1 Needle, 1 Stabilizer, and 1 MaxZero extension set.

Forrest U.- answered On Sunday, 15 November 2020


Can Teleflex Intraosseous Needles be used with the BD Intraosseous Powered Driver?

Joshua C.- On Monday, 16 November 2020


No, the BD Intraosseous Powered Driver can only be used with BD Intraosseous Needles.

Forrest U.- answered On Tuesday, 17 November 2020


How many needle insertions can I get on a fully charged BD Intraosseous Powered Driver?

Anonymous- On Friday, 15 January 2021


The BD Intraosseous Powered Driver allows for approximately 70 needle insertions at 10 seconds per insertion on a fully charged battery.

Forrest U.- answered On Sunday, 17 January 2021


Does the BD IO Power Drill (Item # IO1001) come with a Case?

Anonymous- On Monday, 08 February 2021


No, the BD IO Power Drill does not include a case. Included is the Drill and Charging Cable. The case is sold separately. To place an order for the case, please contact our Customer Care Team at 800-824-6016 and reference Item # IO1001CASE-ORG.

Forrest U.- answered On Monday, 08 February 2021

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