XCollar PLUS Cervical Splint


Over a decade of research, field experience, and feedback from thousands of EMS professionals has led to the creation of the NEW XCOLLAR.


  • Easy one rescuer application in under 30 seconds
  • Avoids blood flow restriction to and from the brain
  • Includes an Adjustable Head Restraint System (HRS) (one per unit)
  • Standalone provides better immobilization than conventional c-collars with head blocks and backboard combined
  • Covers the widest range of patient sizes, from 18 to 400+ pounds
  • Specifically designed for pre-hospital patient care


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 The New XCollar Plus offers the following features and capabilities:


  • Advanced Airway Management Integration, which avoids placing any pressure on veins and arteries. This ensures optimal blood flow to the brain and thus greater brain oxygenation—maximizing your patients’ chances for full recovery.
  • The biggest possible posterior opening. This ensures that physicians and EMS personnel have 100% access for full cervical spine assessment—without compromising patient stabilization.
  • A numbered and color-coded strap system for easy application and minimum training.
  • The widest-ever range of patient sizes (18–400+ pounds).
  • “Plus” an Adjustable Head Restraint System (HRS) (one in every XCollar Plus bag)
  • Reduced cost in comparison to conventional c-collars used with conventional head restraints and tube holders


XCollar Plus Cervical Splint Training Video
Watch the Xcollar Training video. This new xcollar is a life-saving device with advanced airway and cervical spine stabilization capabilities.

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