IntuBrite LED Disposable Laryngoscopes

by AirLife


  • Patented combination White/UV LED lighting produces an optimized bright, high definition laryngeal view, enabling airway structures to be clearly visible and vocal cords to stand out.
  • Reflectivity from fluids and tissue in airway is also dramatically reduced when compared to incandescent lighted blades, even fiber optics.
  • Disposable blades are made from surgical-grade stainless steel.
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Questions and Answers


Will the IntuBrite LED Laryngoscope Blades work with an ADC handle?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 05 June 2019


Yes, IntuBrite LED Laryngoscope Blades will work with any standard (non fiberoptic) handle.

Jim L.- answered On Friday, 07 June 2019


What does the (+) indicate on the IntuBrite™ LED Laryngoscope blades??

Anonymous- On Monday, 16 March 2020


The (+) indicates that the IntuBrite™ LED Laryngoscope blade is 1/2 size larger. LY31029 is equivalent to Macintosh 3.5, and LY31035 is equivalent to Miller 1.5.

Jim L.- answered On Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Can I actually clean the IntuBrite LED Laryngoscope without having to worry about water destroying the bulbs?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 30 June 2021


IntuBrite LED Laryngoscopes are designed for single patient use, and so aren't intended to be cleaned.

Jim L.- answered On Friday, 02 July 2021

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