ChitoSAM 100 Hemostatic Dressing

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ChitoSAM™ 100 is a high-performance hemostatic, non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan, derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. ChitoSAM™ 100 is optimized to be easy-to-use, stopping the bleed fast.


  • Works independently from the body’s normal clotting processes.
  • Innovative package, which is tearable from any side, allows for quick access to dressing
  • 3" x 6' Z Fold
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Questions and Answers


What is the shelf life of the ChitoSAM 100 Hemostatic Dressing?

John S.- On Thursday, 31 August 2023


Per the manufacturer, the shelf life of the ChitoSAM 100 Hemostatic Dressing is Five Years.

Dennis T.- answered On Friday, 01 September 2023

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