VixOne Small Volume Jet Nebulizer


VixOne can be deployed and operated in 4 different configurations:

  • in conjunction with a standard tee, 6” flex tube and mouthpiece/mask delivery system;
  • in conjunction with a valved tee adapter in a positive pressure ventilator circuit;
  • in conjunction with the PediNeb pacifier/aerosol delivery device for infants; or
  • in conjunction with a conserver-type high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery system
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More Information

Maximum Fill Volume: 10 mL

Nominal Fill Volume: 3 to 4 mL

Residual Volume: ~1.0 mL or less

Questions and Answers


I just want the VixOne Small Volume Jet Nebulizer acorns...without any other parts. Can I buy them seperately?

Anonymous- On Friday, 11 June 2021


The VixOne Small Volume Jet Nebulizer acorns can be special ordered separately, by the case of 50. Use part number OM0214.

Jim L.- answered On Sunday, 13 June 2021


How do I clean the VixOne Small Volume jet Nebulizer?

Anonymous- On Thursday, 03 November 2022


The VixOne Small Volume Jet Nebulizer is disposable, and is not designed to be cleaned.

Jim L.- answered On Thursday, 03 November 2022


Does Life-Assist ship products internationally?

Anonymous- On Tuesday, 06 December 2022


No, Life-Assist does not ship products outside of the USA.

Forrest U.- answered On Wednesday, 07 December 2022

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