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Resusci Baby QCPR enables first responders to gain the skills and confidence they need to act quickly during this high-stress experience.


  • Resusci® Baby QCPR manikin provides thorough and realistic CPR training
  • Enhanced measurement of compressions and ventilations allows for comprehensive and accurate guidance
  • Detailed feedback and debriefing functionalities enables students to learn and improve CPR performance better than ever before
  • Perform head tilt, chin lift, and jaw thrust – exactly like it’s done in real-life situations
  • Use Resusci Baby QCPR anywhere, anytime; It’s completely tetherless and rechargeable, with more than 37 hours of battery life
  • Free downloadable American Heart Association (AHA) approved feedback app available on App Store & Google Play.


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  • Realistic anatomy including head tilt, chin lift, compression depth, compression force and chest rise
  • Sensor indicates correct finger placement
  • Ventilation system provides appropriate chest rise with BVM (Bag Valve Mask) and MTM (Mouth to Mouth)
  • Enhanced measurement and feedback capabilities
  • Detailed debriefing screens
  • Compatible with enhanced feedback devices (sold separately): SkillGuide and SimPad SkillReporter
  • Guidelines compliant




  • Manikin 2 Face masks
  • Manikin Face Shields (1 roll)
  • Disposable Airway
  • Suitcase, Baby grow (body)
  • Blanket
  • Pulse bulb
  • Manikin wipes
  • User Guide
  • Important Product Information
  • Manikin Battery
  • Standard USB cable (manikin to PC)
Why Bystander CPR Training is Important in the Chain Link of Survival
Bystanders with CPR training help increase the chance of survival of those who experience cardiac arrest outside a hospital. See the video.

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