Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit


Cricothyrotomy Kit contains the tools needed in emergency situations to perform a cricothyrotomy.


  • 1 ea. Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 1 ea. PVP Swabstick
  • 1 ea. Ext Set 21” Male Luer
  • 1 ea. Hose Barb/Luer
  • 2 ea. Sponge 4x4” 2/Pk
  • 1 ea. Exam Glove 2/Pk
  • 1 ea. Syringe Luer Slip 20cc
  • 1 ea. Angiocath 12Gx3”
  • 1 ea. Stopcock 3-Way
  • 1 ea. Oxygen Tubing 7 ft.



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Note: Consult with your medical director for proper procedure prior to use.

Questions and Answers


Can I attach the Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit to my Ambulance Oxygen Tank?

Anonymous- On Tuesday, 04 June 2019


Yes, the Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit is designed to be used with the liter flow outlet on an oxygen tank regulator or flowmeter.

Jim L.- answered On Thursday, 06 June 2019

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