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T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization Device

  • Provides symmetrical, circumferential compression
  • X-RAY, MRI, and CT Scan Compatible
  • Smaller and more compact than original T-POD
  • Only one size required-Custom Fit

Clinical Advantages:

  • Effective and easy-to-use device to stabilize the pelvic ring in patients that have suspected pelvic fractures and possible internal bleeding
  • Can substantially reduce transfusion requirements, and length of hospital stay, as well as reduce mortality in patients with unstable pelvic fractures
  • Can provide better stabilization of a globally unstable pelvic fracture than an external fixator

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Vidacare Corporation
Manuf #T-PODR
Pelvic Stabilization Device
$132.00 ea

Pyng's new T-PODResponder uses new material with key advantages:

  • 3-4 mm thickness, versus 7-8 mm of original T-POD, allowing smaller and more efficient packaging
  • 100% polyurethane material is breathable, has moisture wicking capabilities so perspiration wicks through the material and into the air, is latex free, and is long-lasting and durable
  • Material will not fray once cut to specific size