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O-TWO CAREvent® Handheld Resuscitator

The CAREvent ® Handheld Resuscitator is a lightweight, portable, extremely durable and simple to use automatic time/volume cycled device. It is completely pneumatic (i.e. no batteries required) and once set, it delivers breath by breath consistency in delivered tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory/expiratory times and flow rates.

  • "Demand Breathing" for the spontaneously breathing
  • Manual Ventilation Override to supplement the automatic ventilation mode
  • Single Slider Control with 6 settings for the simultaneous adjustment of ventilation frequency and tidal volume

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O-Two Medical Technologies
Manuf #01CV3000
CAREvent ® Handheld Resuscitator
$1,999.00 ea
O-Two Medical Technologies
Manuf #01CV8015-CS
Disposable Ventilation Circuit with PEEP port
$16.50 ea
$154.00 cs-10

This consistent ventilation is not achievable with a standard bag-valve-mask and prevents the delivery of excessive ventilation. Replacing bag-valve-masks with a CAREvent® Hand Held Resuscitator, takes the guesswork out of how hard and often a “bag” should be squeezed. It delivers ventilation automatically freeing rescuer’s hands to focus on other patient needs rather than their own bagging performance.

  • Delayed Cycling of 20 seconds when pressing the manual button after an automatic breath to provide enough time for 30 chest compressions
  • Auto Cycling Shut-Off and Restart for patients moving in and out of spontaneous breathing (Note: In the child settings the inspired flow rate of the patient may be insufficient to cause the Automatic Circuit Shutoff to function.)