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Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Device

  • Intuitive user interface for quick, easy programming
  • Flexible drug library editor provides hard/soft limits and up to 1,000 drug profiles
  • 5.63"H x 3.78"W x 1.93"D
  • Weight: 418g (without battery); 504g (with battery)

Infusion Delivery Modes: Continuous (with/without a secondary line), PCA, Intermittent, Multi-step, TPN, Epidural (PCEA, Epidural Intermittent & PIEB)

Item # 
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ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16365
Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Device
$1,995.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16385-02
Sapphire™ Infusion Set w/ Backcheck Valve, Clave, 117.9"
$8.85 ea
$399.00 bx-50
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16387-02
Sapphire™ Infusion Set, Clave Y-Site, 114.9"
$7.35 ea
$332.50 bx-50
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16354-01
Sapphire™ Battery
$119.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16414-01
Sapphire™ Power Cord
$224.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16382-01
Sapphire™ Triple Mount
$789.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16361-01
Sapphire™ USB to 4-Port RS232 Adapter
$176.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16353-02
Sapphire™ Communication Cable
$84.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16314-01
Sapphire™ Mini Cradle
$219.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16313-01
Sapphire™ Mini Cradle with Splitter
$379.00 ea
ICU Medical, Inc.
Manuf #16352-01
Sapphire™ Travel Case
$559.00 ea
  • Infusion Device: Volumetric, peristaltic
  • Pumping Mechanism: Single channel volumetric, with integral pressure sensor
  • Accuracy: ±2.5% (subject to external conditions such as tubing, pressure, container position relative to the pump, barometric pressure,
  • humidity, and temperature)
  • External Power Supply: 100-240V 50-60 Hz, 0.6A
  • Adaptor: AC Adaptor 10 VDC/2.0A
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery 7.4V, 1960 mA/h 24 hrs @ 125 mL/h (with fully charged battery and backlight off)
  • Recharge time: up to 6 hrs (when pump is not in operation)
  • Fuse Rating: T1.6A, 250V
  • Defibrillation Proof Recovery Time: Max 1 sec
  • Volume (VTBI): 0.1–9999 mL in increments of 0.1 mL
  • Flow Rate: 0.1–99.9 mL/h in increments of 0.1 mL/h; 100–999 mL/h in increments of 1 mL/h
  • Priming: Manual or automatic priming (600 mL/h, or from air-in-line alarm 900 mL/h)
  • KVO Rate: Up to 20 mL/h with increments of 0.1 mL/h
  • Sensors: Air-in-line sensor: detects single and accumulated bubbles sized 0.02–0.5 mL. The desired size range of each option can be selected by the technician.
    • Upstream/downstream occlusion sensor
    • Door open sensor
    • Temperature sensor
  • Operating Temperature: +5oC (41oF) to 40oC (104oF)
  • Alarms and Messages: Alarms: Air in Line, Cassette Misplaced, Occlusions, Check for Occlusion,
  • Downstream Occlusion, Upstream Occlusion, Flow Error, Insufficient Battery
  • Messages: Battery Issues (Low Battery, When Battery Life Will Expire, Battery Not Fully Charged), Annual Certification, Cassette Door Open, Infusion Status (Complete, Near End), Pump Inactive
  • Standards Compliance: IEC 60601-1, UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 601.1-M90 medical electrical equipment, which classifies the Sapphire pump as:
    • Class II, Type BF, Continuous operation, IP24 dust and splash proof
    • Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide
    • IEC 60601-1-12: Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems intended for use in the emergency medical services environment
  • IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-24, IEC 60601-1-11, IEC 60601-1-8
  • Defibrillator compliance statement: Equipment Type BF Applied Part. IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n

What is included in an order for the Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Device?
Item number IP16365 (Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy Infusion Device) comes with: (1) Mini-cradle with Splitter, Battery, Power Cord, & User Manual (on CD). Other accessories (inlcuding Travel Case) are sold separately.