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SSCOR DCell Suction Unit

The SSCOR DCell Suction is the world’s first and only full size portable suction device powered by off-the-shelf alkaline batteries. This makes it ideal for emergencies when external power sources are not available. With D Cell alkaline batteries, that can run the device for 6-9 hours* without the need to recharge, the SSCOR DCell Suction device ensures that medical vacuum is available when power sources fail. Batteries not included.

*Run time is defined as the period of time that the device generates more than 300 mmHg negative pressure. Total run time typically varies between 6-9 hours. These run time specifications are based upon tests using new Duracell® CopperTop batteries. Run time will vary depending on battery manufacturer, state of the charge, ambient temperature, and age of the batteries.

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Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #DM10-001
DCell Suction Unit
$1,250.00 ea
  • It is intended for storage for extended periods in disaster preparedness equipment caches where it does not need to be maintained on charge.
  • It can be used for most procedures generally performed with wall vacuum.
  • The variable regulator allows the negative pressure to be adjusted quickly between -50mmHg to -525mmHg with a quarter turn of the knob.
  • The SSCOR DCell Suction unit can operate indefinitely with replaceable, off the shelf alkaline batteries or be powered from an external power source using an AC power adapter or a DC power cord.
  • Unlike manual devices that require an end user to use and stock proprietary canisters, the SSCOR DCell Suction device can be adapted to canisters currently in use throughout the hospital.
  • Alkaline batteries are replaceable not rechargeable and can be changed in minutes, eliminating the need to take the device out of service for hours of recharging.