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S-SCORT® VX-2™ Suction Unit

Onboard and portable suction pump for EMS.

The S-SCORT® VX-2™ is a portable, powerful, and firemanproof tough, battery powered suction unit. The VX-2™ battery care system will bring the battery quickly to a full charge and then drop back to “float” when the battery reaches full charge, eliminating damage or destruction of the battery caused by overcharging. In addition, it will inform the operator of anticipated running time and will automatically disconnect a depleted battery to protect it from a destructive deep discharge.

VX-2™ #2310BV is SAE J3043 compliant when used with a 1200cc Bemis canister and the SSCOR #230-00003 Onboard Canister Clip.

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Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2310V
Suction Unit with regulator
$915.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #2310BV
Suction Unit with regulator and charging bracket
$1,175.00 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80635-100
Replacement Battery
$50.40 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80521-100
Replacement AC/DC Charger
$38.40 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #80665
Replacement DC Cable
$16.80 ea
Sscor, Inc.
Manuf #50176
Replacement Tubing Strap
$4.50 ea

The VX-2™ features:


  • 3 LED, 5 stage, battery condition indicator system
  • Outward facing controls, making it easy to use while mounted on the vehicle wall
  • Low capacity battery alert system that lets you know when it is time to change the battery


Performance: 30+ lpm airflow, at the end of a patient tube


variable regulator: -50 mmHg to 525+ mmHg vacuum

2 position regulator: -125 mmHg or 525+ mmHG, +/-15%


Dimensions: 9”H x 5.25”W x 17”L; Weight: 8.6 lbs


The OK-2310V include a wall charger and 12 volt charging cord.


The OK-2310BV include a charging/retention bracket, which is designed to be hard-wired into the vehicle.


A wall charger and 12 volt cord are NOT included with these models.