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Ready-Heat™ Infant Warming Cocoon

The Ready-Heat™ Disposable Infant warming Cocoon is designed for hypothermia prevention and temperature management for the most precious cargo. It warms to 100° F in 15 - 30 minutes and lasts for 8 hours. It is recommended that the Ready-Heat™ Infant Warming Cocoon be used in conjunction with the Ready-Heat™ 1-Panel Warming Wrap. The Warming Wrap to be placed outside and underneath for constant warming should the cocoon front need to be opened for patient access. It warms to a minimum of 104° F in 15 - 30 minutes and lasts for 8 hours.

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Techtrade LLC
Manuf #GIW6C
Infant Cocoon
$21.50 ea
Techtrade LLC
Manuf #S1RHSM
1 Panel Warming Wrap, Adjustable Size
$12.30 ea

The cocoon has six warming panels to cover the vital organs and has two adjustable hook and loop fasteners for size adjustment. The cocoon has an attached hood for extra comfort and protection.

Cocoon Size Open: 26" x 26"