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Philips HeartStart OnSite Community AED Package

Help Your Neighborhood with Community AED Packages! Each package includes one free year of Program Management that meets or exceeds any state AED requirements for community AED programs (an added benefit not seen on other web-based AED stores).

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Life-Assist, Inc.
Manuf #KITS_ED5066A-PKG1
OnSite Community AED Package 1
$1,299.00 ea

Community AED Package 1 includes:

  • Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Ready-Pack
  • Basic Defibrillator Cabinet
  • Philips Fast Response Kit
  • Red AED Wall Sign
  • Medical Oversight and Direction with state/local AED registration as required and personal AED Compliance Specialist.
  • Customized Web Portal: Includes AED Tracking for site, location, serial number, battery/electrodes, documented inspection histories, CPR/AED certification tracking. Also includes automated email notifications and alerts: 60, 30 day battery, electrode and training certification expiration notifications with immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections, monthly inspection email reminders and written policies and procedures.
  • Post Event Services: Loaner AED is sent out with return box for used AED, data download with physician review. AED is inspected, cleaned and returned with return box for loaner.