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  • The PEDI Slide Chart™ is intended for use in the pediatric patient whose length is less than 147cm and/or weight is less than 36kg.
  • Length & weight is based on CDC™ weight-to-stature growth charts.
  • Medication concentrations are clearly shown next to the medication.
  • Body type (average, at risk, overweight) is used for better accuracy.
  • Normal vital sign parameters and Pediatric Trauma Score included.
  • Information is easy to find in the appropriate slide chart information slots.
  • Slide chart may be used as a calculator if actual weight is known.
  • Color coded to match existing systems accessories.
  • The PEDI Slide Chart™ is water resistant and can be cleaned with mild, non-abrasive antimicrobial cleanser. The reusable/disposable multi-use measuring tape is made of durable Tyvek™ and can also be similarly cleaned.