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NONIN® PalmSAT® Pulse Oximeter

Experience versatility and performance you can count on with the PalmSAT 2500 handheld digital pulse oximeter. Nonin has integrated its advanced technology into a compact unit, providing accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate assessment, while providing durability. Its compact size, ease of operation, and long battery life makes this an ideal unit for any medical professional’s monitoring needs - regardless of the patient’s location. A large LED display, integrated self-test, and easy-to-follow user interface provides advanced technology you can depend on. The convenient tri-color LED is enlarged for maximum visibility and for determining if repositioning and/or relocation of the sensor is required.

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Nonin Medical Inc.
Manuf #2500
NONIN® PalmSAT® Pulse Oximeter
$695.00 ea
Nonin Medical Inc.
Manuf #2500CC
Optional Carrying Case
$56.00 ea
Nonin Medical Inc.
Manuf #2500C-UNIV
Optional PalmSAT Charging System
$299.00 ea

PalmSAT offers:


Easy - Simple two-button operation and quick battery access


Flexible Power Supply - Standard AA-batteries, rechargeable NiMH or AC power


Powerful - Standard memory for 72 hours of data storage


Efficient - 100 hours of battery life, 45 hours with rechargeable NiMH batteries


Compatibility - Works with Nonin’s full line of sensors


Optional PalmSAT Charging System available (includes charging stand, NiMH battery pack and power supply)


3 Year Warranty