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Minto SAGER® FORM III Traction Splints

The SAGER® Emergency Traction Splints are the only traction splints in the industry that continuously show the exact amount of traction being applied. Besides being Quantifiable, the traction is Dynamic. The Dynamic function permits the traction to decrease as the spasm releases. You always have the correct amount of safe traction.

  • Feature one person application, nothing to assemble, “always ready to use”, lightweight, no heel stands, and stainless steel construction that provides years of use
  • Articulating ischio-perineal cushion/base that is comfortable, radiolucent, and conforms to the pelvis, simplifying pelvic procedures
  • Extra wide leg cushion provides improved comfort

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Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S301
$310.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S304
$425.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S300-4
Combo Pac (SP-304 / SP-210)
$825.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S300
Infant Bilateral
$393.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #6150DVD
Application DVD
$9.95 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S324
Repl. Ischio Perineal Cushion (saddle) for SP301/SP304
$17.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S357
Repl. Abductor Bridal (thigh strap) for SP301/SP304
$19.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S323
Repl. Case for SP301/SP304
$51.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S345
Repl. Pedal Pinion (figure 8 strap) for SP301/SP304
$17.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #S342
Repl. Ankle Harness for SP301/SP304
$44.00 ea
Minto Research & Dev.
Manuf #TC301
Repl. Leg Cravat Kit (2 short/1 long) SP301/304
$54.00 ea

All SAGER® Traction Splints require a small storage space and come complete with application instructions and a carrying case.


The versatile SAGER® models 301 and 304 fit from a child of 4 years to an adult over 7 feet tall while the model SP-210 is appropriate for infants to children age 6 (Fits inseam of 8 inches to 24 inches). With SAGER® Emergency Traction Splint’s unique design, the patient’s weight presents no application problems.


SAGER® SP-301 Single Splint: Splint for single fractures.


SUPER SAGER® SP-304 Bilateral Splint: Entire splint fits within the adult body silhouette — no overhang — ideal for air transport or any confining space. One splint provides traction splinting for both single or bilateral fractures.


SAGER® SP-210 Infant Bilateral: Fits infants to children 6 years of age. All components are sized to be more comfortable and secure.


SAGER® COMBO PACS: Treat 99% of all patients and 93% of the most common fracture types with this unique combination of traction splints! Includes 1 adult and 1 infant splint in a specially designed carry case.


Link to basic components of the Model 301/304: 

Are there replacement parts for the Infant Bilateral Splint (SP210)?
Yes, please contact Customer Service for a list of parts and ordering information.