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Load Grip Handles

Load Grips assist the user while lifting by extending the handle a flexible and adjustable 13 inches.

  • Use to lift backboards and other heavy/awkward gear
  • Quick and easy application
  • Durable and long lasting with normal cleaning protocol
  • 2” poly strap with rubberized pre-molded handle
  • Each load grip has an 1800 pound load capacity

Discontinued - regularly $15.40 a set.
Order while supplies last!

Item # 
In Stock 
Morrison Medical Products
Manuf #3060BK
Set of 4
$8.00 ea

Designed primarily with backboards in mind, Load Grips make it easier to lift with the proper technique, relieving lower back pain. They also prevent scraping of the knuckles on the ground and minimize contact with the patient while carrying the board - this is extremely helpful when the backboard handles are difficult to access due to the size of the patient. The flexible and adjustable nature of Load Grips eases transporting patients through stairways and awkward or confined spaces.