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Laerdal ShockLink System

The ShockLink™ System allows you to connect live defibrillators to training manikins, creating more realistic BLS and defibrillation training.

Connect ShockLink™ to training pads and a standard defibrillator to begin training. The shock energy from a defibrillator is defused in the ShockLink™ cable.

This solution means that you can train on most manikins, removing the need for specialized defibrillator training manikins with chest-studs or a load box to absorb the shock.

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Laerdal Medical Corp.
Manuf #185-10050
ShockLink™ System
$584.00 ea
Laerdal Medical Corp.
Manuf #185-50050
ShockLink™ to Lifepak Quik-Combo Adapter
$68.00 ea
Laerdal Medical Corp.
Manuf #185-50450
Zoll ShockLink™ Training Adapter
$68.00 ea


What items are included in the Laerdal ShockLink™ System
Your order of the Laerdal ShockLink™ System will include: ShockLink™ Unit, Remote Control, Adhesive Training Pads (1 Set), AAA Battery and Directions for Use.

Which defibrillators can be used with the Laerdal ShockLink™ System?
The following defibrillators can be used with the Laerdal ShockLink™ System: - Philips: MRx, FR3, FR2 & FRx (no adpater needed) - Corpuls: corpuls3 & corpuls1 (adapter required) - Zoll: AED Plus®, AED Pro®, R series®, X series®, Zoll Propaq® Series & Zoll Propaq® MD Series (Some ZOLL defibrillators require a unique set up. - Contact Customer Service for more information). - Physio Control: LIFEPAK® 10, LIFEPAK® 15, LIFEPAK® 20, LIFEPAK® 500, LIFEPAK® 1000, LIFEPAK® CR Plus (Adapter required).