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Laerdal Little Family Pack of Manikins

Now Laerdal brings you realistic, affordable quality QCPR training in one “Little” happy family package - the new Little Family Pack. Designed to reflect the realistic anatomical differences among an adults, a child and an infant. The new Family Pack comes complete with one Little Anne, one Little Junior, and one Baby Anne and a large bag on wheels to carry them. It’s functional realism with all the essential features! Your students will benefit from the most realistic, age-specific manikins on the market today. And you’ll benefit from the convenience.

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Laerdal Medical Corp.
Manuf #126-01050
Little Family Pack QCPR Manikins
$578.00 ea
  • Little Anne QCPR Manikin
    • One (1) Training Mat
    • Two (2) Manikin Faces
    • Two (2) Little Anne Airways
    • Six (6) Manikin Wipes
  • Little Junior QCPR Manikin
    • One (1) Training Mat
    • Two (2) Manikin Faces
    • Two (2) Airways
    • Six (6) Manikin Wipes
  • Baby Anne Manikin
    • Six (6) Airways
    • Ten (10) Foreign Body Practice Objects