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Hartwell Medical EVAC-U-SPLINT® Vacuum Splints

  • Easy to use, fast and comfortable
  • X-Ray and MRI compatible Extremely durable, easy-to-clean fabric
  • Molds to exact shape of injury site without applying circumferential pressure
  • Reduces nerve, tissue and vessel damage

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Hartwell Medical
Manuf #MT3075-6
Mattress Set
$870.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #PD3000
Pediatric Mattress Set
$574.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EVS9075-6C
$1,450.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV3000
3-Piece Splint Set (3 Splints, Case and Compact Pump)
$585.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV101
Replacement Splint, Small
$89.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV102
Replacement Splint, Medium
$119.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV103
Replacement Splint, Large
$165.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #MT12
Replacement Pump, Standard with Foot Stirrup
$183.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV12C
Replacement Pump, Compact, Aluminum
$163.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #MT13A
Replacement Patient Restraint for Mattress
$45.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV15RET
MaxiValve Retrofit Kit (3 Male Valves, 1 Female Valve)
$55.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #MT14
Carry Case, EVAC-U-SPLINT Mattress
$88.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV14
Carry Case, 3-Piece Splint Set
$58.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV15P
Replacement MaxiValve Kit (pack of 3)
$46.00 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV15FSPM
Pump Adapter, Fasplint to Evac-U-Splint
$8.95 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV15PSA
Suction Unit Adapter
$17.90 ea
Hartwell Medical
Manuf #EV30
$5.95 pk-10

The EVAC-U-SPLINT® Mattress (SP-3006) is easy to use, lightweight and ruggedly built with 6 reinforced lifting handles, a single-strap restraint system and intergraded slats for maximum support and security. When vacuum is applied, the mattress molds to fit every body contour without inward pressure. It safely immobilizes the patient by supporting the cervical spine, lumbar area and lower extremities. Ideal for geriatric patients, especially for hip, back and pelvis injuries. MaxiValve™ has lifetime warranty.


The EVAC-U-SPLINT® Pediatric Mattress (SP-4000P) has the same features as the full size mattress and eliminates the need to use various pads under the patient’s torso. Conforms to each child’s unique anatomy for optimum neutral spinal alignment. It is designed for 2-10 year olds, up to 75 lbs. The EVAC-U-SPLINT® Mattress Set and the Pediatric Mattress Set include a pediatric vacuum mattress, standard pump with foot stirrup, and carry case.


The EVAC-U-SPLINT® Splint Set (SP-30) provides a fast and effective method for immobilizing a patient’s extremities in any position — as you find them — when fractures or dislocations are suspected. Each splint is chemical resistant, machine washable and x-ray translucent. Includes the large, medium and small splints, an all-aluminum compact vacuum pump and a carry case. The complete three splint set weighs only 7 pounds.


The EVAC-U-SPLINT SYSTEM® (SP-9075) has it all! EVAC-U-SPLINT® Adult Mattress, carry case, vacuum pump with foot stirrup, and EVAC-U-SPLINT® 3-piece splint set with a carry case and a compact vacuum pump. Latex free. Made in the USA.


The EVAC-U-SPLINT® MaxiValve Retrofit Kit includes three male valves for splints, and one female valve for the pump. Will replace both current and old style valves.


Can I use my Hartwell Evac-U-Splint pump on other vacuum splints?
The SP815 (FS15TIP) adapter will allow you to use an Evac-U-Splint or FULLBODY pump on Hartwell Fasplints.

Can I use a suction unit on a Hartwell Evac-U-Splint?
The HWEL_EV15PSA (EV15PSA) adapter will allow you to use a suction unit on Hartwell Evac-U-Splints.

Can I use my Hartwell Fasplint pump on other vacuum splints?
The HWEL_EV15FSPM (EV15FSPM) adapter will allow you to use a Fasplint pump on Hartwell Evac-U-Splints.

Does glue come with the EVAC-U-SPLINT® patch?
The EVAC-U-SPLINT® patch (part numer HWEL_EV30) is a piece of vinyl with an adhesive backing. Part number HWEL_EV20 can be requested if a non-adhesive vinyl patch and glue kit is preferred.