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FLOTEC Mass Casualty Assembly

  • The Mass Casualty Assembly provides maximum on-site flexibility for triage situations.
  • Provides for the rapid triage deployment of six (0 to 25 LPM) Flowmeters that can run off the ambulances onboard oxygen system
  • The entire system will run off any 50 PSI oxygen source capable of delivering 150 lpm
  • Unique 20 ft leader hose provides clearance from the ambulance before the first independent flowmeter
  • Unique 6 ft spaces between each flowmeter to provide space to treat each patient with 50 ft overall length
  • Includes CGA540 pressure reducing regulator for attachment to large volume cylinder

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Flotec, Inc.
Manuf #MCA-226P7-205X0
FLOTEC Mass Casualty Assembly
$2,058.00 ea
  • The flexibility of individually controlling each patient’s LPM requirement
  • All-Metal Flowmeters are extremely durable and are non-gravity sensitive
  • Unique 2 way swivel Tee configuration
  • Unique low (-40 F) temperature hose rating
  • Unique lanyards at each flowmeter for hanging on IV poles or wall brackets
  • Includes a compact canvas carrying case